Baby cabas or cerf???


Dec 18, 2006
I was in the same boat a year ago and I opted for the cabas. I shared your concerns about wanting a "forever" bag--therefore leaning toward the cerf, but really liking the cabas more. I don't regret my choice a year later. For one thing, the cerf didn't fit me as well. The strap didn't go over my shoulder, while the cabas looked good on the arm and shoulder. And, I think the cabas has enough elements of traditional Chanel and an understated elegance that will help it stand the test of time.


Aug 29, 2007
On the hunt.....
I just bought both of these bags. I find the cabas to be much more casual. This bag has hardly and structure and is nice and roomy.

The cerf is also great, but of course very structured, but it holds my stuff very neatly.

Both are comfortable to carry, and I really do like both. I can't say which I prefer because they have different uses. I do feel the cerf is more of a classic bag. Think of how you want to use the bag most, let that guide you.


Aug 3, 2006
I love them both, but only own the Cabas. The Cerf is definitely next on my list, and I contemplated getting it over the Cabas. In the end, I went with the Cabas because the Cerf is a classic and will always be around. So... my vote is for the Cabas! If you do end up getting it, you won't regret it. I've been using mine non-stop since I first got her about a few weeks ago.


Jan 20, 2007
New York, NY
Okay, my heart says cabas but my head says cerf. Thanks for everyones suggestions. I think I will go with my heart and get the cabas. Hopefully when I graduate, I will be able to get the cerf (maybe as a graduation present!!) Do you girls know if it will be hard to get my hands on a black baby cabas in NYC? Will I have to get it shipped to my apt?


Aug 4, 2006
2 Star Town
I vote for the cerf since it is classic. On a personal side note- I wasn't in love when I got my baby cabas and it also had quality issues so I returned it. (The links connecting the bag to the straps were not closed all the way and were very misaligned. So be sure to check yours if you decide on the cabas) It made me pretty disenchanted with the bag.
Oct 19, 2007
I love the cabas and the chain does not hurt my shoulder at all! i don't really like the cerf that much and the straps on that bag actually fell off my shoulders in the store.