Baby cabas or cerf???


Jan 20, 2007
New York, NY
This is the first time that I am buying a Chanel bag and im torn between the baby cabas and the cerf. I am a jeans and a t-shirt kinda gal, so I want an everyday bag. I have been in LOVE with the baby cabas in black ever since it came out. Problem: Im nervous that it is not a classic bag. Do you girls think that it will be discontinued anytime soon, or does it have a long staying power where it will be around for awhile? (I have this complex where I hate buying things that become discontinued, so I try to buy things when they first come out).

I want the cerf bag because I feel it is a classic bag. Also, im graduating in '09 and will be working in the business industry where the cerf would be perfect for work. Problem: I don't think that the cerf would look as good for everyday outfits as compared to the baby cabas. Yes, I have seen the pictures of Ashley Olsen and her cerf, but I feel that the cabas would look much better on me with everyday outfits.

Im torn! Does anyone have suggestions?


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Mar 24, 2007
San Francisco
it seems as though you really love the cabas so, that's what you should get since you also think it matches with your everyday clothes which is what you want it for.
why not get that now and in 09 when you graduate, get yourself a nice little graduation present, hehe.


Jun 1, 2007
Cabas hands down! You can get the cerf later when you can actually use it for a business style setting. The cabas seems more practical now.

After I got my jumbo flaps, I kind of "forgot" about my cabas. I finally took it out again today, and it reminded me how much I love the baby cabas!!! I don't feel it's a trendy style at all (the leather ones). If you got the vinyl or the denim ones, then that's a bit trendy.

x joie

Jan 31, 2007
Eek, I'm the lone dissenter it looks like! I would go with the cerf... and I OWN a baby cabas! I, too, am graduating in 09 and I think the cerf is a much better bag to own. Plus, you never know if you will have the luxury of purchasing another Chanel bag around graduation. You might want to spend that money on a vacation, for example! The cabas is great but I don't like the chain handles-- with the size of the bag and the sheer amount of things you can put in it, the chain can be a bit painful at times. (I always have red marks on my shoulders.)

However, it sounds like you love the cabas. And in the end, for the money you are paying, you should get what you love. Personally, I LOVE the cerf and have been on the edge of purchasing for a while due to the guilt of certain other purchases. If I had the funds available, I would purchase the cerf in a second! Good luck with your decision-- whichever one you get, how can you go wrong?


Jan 15, 2007
Although I don't own either purse, I cast my vote for the cerf tote. It's not a fad bag and will therefore be with you for years. That said, try each bag and see how it looks and feels before you decide.


Feb 14, 2006
i don't think you can make a mistake, they're both awesome bags, but since you love the cabas go for it! (also just fyi for the future, i just got the cerf with silver ccs and i love it, i dress very casually and actually kinda funky and i'm loving the juxtaposition of the classic bag with my style)...

p.s. i love your name! but now i'm craving one at starbucks and it is freezing here this morning!


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Mar 27, 2007
Beachy SoCAL...♥
Can't go wrong with both.... I too just purchased the cerf w/ silver hardware.. & as my 1st Chanel I went with the baby Cabas as a start. Both are awesome bags... but for the 1st bag... I think you'll love the cabas... then later..get the cerf! gOod luck~!


Apr 2, 2007
San Juan
I just got the Cabas in white as my first Chanel Bag and I am in love with it. I work in a very formal business environment, and I use it every day. I think it looks edgy (especially cause I'm very young) and funky when used with very formal business attire, so the bag gives a youthful vibe to the whole wardrobe, especially because you like it in black, it will make it look even more serious while at the same time it is not a serious bag.

Just my opinion!