baby cabas or balenciaga grass green?

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baby cabas or grass green city ?

  1. get grass green city NOW because there is no way i will get baby cabas anytime soon

  2. wait for the baby cabas hoping that i can get it before xmas....

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  1. i have gone on a chanel reissue buying rampage... hence i can only get a baby cabas or balenciaga grass green city. as far as the baby cabas... i dont know what color i am going to get. depends on which one i get first i guess.
    so.... i am leaning towards balenciaga grass green since i really dont know when i will get the baby cabas (since i am WAY in the bottom of the list). for all i know, everyone on top of me on the list will want the baby cabas and i will not get mine til april.
    please help me decide.....
  2. It sounds like you really want the cabas. I'd keep my eyes wide open in the Chanel shopping forum as some PF'ers have their names down on multiple lists.
  3. i kinda want the cabas more.... but at this rate, the chance of me getting it is very slim. hm.....
  4. i prefer to have black or khaki.
  5. i'd say balenciaga! i'm a fond of coco cabas, but just not the baby cabas.
    i think the style looks good in bigger style
  6. I'd say baby cabas, it's a great bag! try calling other places that's what I did worked my butt off trying to locate one!
  7. It sounds like you really want the cabas. I would try to get that one first. If the balenciaga bag isn't screaming at you, don't get it.
  8. ickk.... more people voted for cabas.....
    maybe i should go to neaimans and check out the grass green if they have it.
  9. Even though I like the baby cabas,I voted for the grass green balenciaga because the colour looks stunning from what I've seen in pics (posted on the balenciaga forum).
    But if you want the baby cabas more, then I suggest that you'll wait and I'm sure that your dream bag will eventually show up!
  10. I think the way you've asked the questions in the poll reveals a lot about what your heart is really wanting . . . .! xx
  11. oh i kinda prefer the balenciaga city over the baby cabas!
  12. Oh I love the Cabas. I'd wait until next Christmas for that one.

    I am a very neutral Bag person. Boring in some people's eyes but you wouldn't find me caught dead in Grass Green, Yellow, or Magenta Bags like the Balenciagas.

    When I told my husband I was getting a Balenciaga he asked first thing what color it was. He has this really funny thing. He think "real" leather only comes in black or brown or tan. Neutral shades. Realistically he knows that isn't true but he claims that most people who see very colorful bags assume they are not leather also. He is an intelligent guy....really.
  13. i just want to give you girls a quick update. I got a call today and there is a khaki cabas available for me. So yes.... I am getting the khaki cabas instead of grass green city :yahoo:
  14. ^^^congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:party: