baby cabas only in caviar???

  1. i would like to ask you gals if the baby cabas only comes in caviar leather or does it also come in the smooth leather?;)
  2. Well the caviar leather is "washed" so it's not bumpy like it is on say the GST or the caviar Timeless Clutch. :yes: It's actually quite smooth (not as smooth as lambskin though), but very durable. I would actually prefer the baby cabas in the washed caviar over the lambskin if that was an option. The baby cabas in my signature looks like it's lambskin because the flash smoothed it out, but it's washed caviar. :yes:
  3. thank you mississa07. so this is the only material the baby cabas comes in right? just want to make sure because im planning to get one but i would like to know what other types of leather are out there for this specific bag.:tup:
  4. ^Yeah me too I love the BC!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Yup the baby cabas only comes in the washed caviar leather.

    There are other cabas styles though. They have the extra-large denim and vinyl cabas, and the Brooklyn cabas is made of leather and patent leather in a checkerboard type pattern. :yes: