Baby cabas on the way!!!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: My white baby cabas is on the way from NY! It should be here on Tuesday, I don't know how I am going to get through this weekend. Will post pics when it arrives.
  2. How lucky are you! It's absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
  3. I just know I want to see modeling pics when you get it.:lol:
  4. The baby cabas stole my :heart: at the trunk show, so much that I am getting both the white AND the khaki. The khaki will not arrive until late Nov though. This has been a tough year on my bank account. Will post on Tues.
  5. I'm so excited for you. It is a HOT bag!!!
  6. 0o0o wow!!! way cool - you're SO lucky, I cant wait to see pics!
  7. clk55girl you got yours already?? lucky girl! please post pics!!
  8. I thought that they weren't supposed to arrive until late Nov, at least here on the west coast, but my SA in NY said they received a white and a black today. :nuts: Chanel Soho receives their stock really early because when I was on the hunt for my silver metallic bowler, the rest of the nation was sold out while soho had just received a shipment when I called them in April. The SCP boutique said that they were not going to receive silver bowlers again until late June, but they never came.
  9. You are so lucky!!! Please post pics.I have to wait for mine until december:sad:
  10. Congrats! Do post pic!
  11. Of course!
  12. Wow, you are fast! I am waiting for the Khaki, good that it won't come till late Nov, that way I have more time to save $$$
  13. LOL! I know, after I buy the khaki cabas that's it for me! No more until the spring 07 collection, I hope. :shame:
  14. Oh I can't wait to see pics. I saw the white that roey posted and immediately called my SA and got on the list for one. I hope it arrives next week as well :yes: .
  15. I saw that too! I only saw the khaki and teal at the cruise show, they didn't have the white, black, or dark silver on display. I saw a pic of it in the catalogue and I think the color is creme or off white, not a true white. The smooth leather is stunning though.