baby cabas need help!

  1. hi guys, i find tat i'm loving the baby cabas more by looking at the pics. do you guys know if any store still have it? i really like the black leather one with the big CC on the front with the big cc charm. also can anyone tell me how big is the baby cabas? how much can you fit in it?

    thanks a bunch!
  2. the one with the big cc on the front, the original coco cabas is impossible to find. your best bet is eBay.

    i have the baby and it's pretty roomy and i think it's more than enough. i'm quite a packrat so there's usually alot of crap in there. i don't take shopping bags cos i can stuff everything in my bag.
  3. yes, you are talking about the original cabas, not baby cabas.

  4. oo tat's the original? man! then wat is the baby? sorry i'm really new to this
  5. the baby is smaller with quilting on the bottom of the bag and no CC on the front. Go the the reference page and there is a thread on cabas. You will find lots of pictures there.