Baby Cabas & Larger Baby Cabas?

  1. what is the difference between the two? I have the baby with the new chain (same chain as on new luxe bowler) but it was $1795 at Chanel boutique (got it last week). it measures 15" across the bottom and 18ish 'cross the middle..........i think the big babies are $1995? there'll be a jumbo baby cabas, and i'll be asking whats the diff 'tween that and the regular Cabas?
  2. Really, it's just that it's a tad bigger and the chain is the same chain as on the metallic baby cabas.
  3. im really confused too.. :confused1: i thought the difference was in the chain but when i was looking through my old pics.. i saw that the white baby cabas i once had have a different chain was my bronze baby cabas! :shrugs:
  4. Good question. I've been wondering about that myself. So really, calling the new Baby Cabas a "baby" is a misnomer?
  5. i am confused too. they look the same, except with the new chain (like the khaki from last year).
  6. Does anyone here have both so we can all see the difference?

  7. In a way. I know ChanelBOY clarified this for us before. So here goes my attempt. There's a new cabas, which retails for $1,995 currently) that looks like that baby cabas except it's bigger and it has the chain of the khaki and dark silver cabas.

    Chanel is reissuing the baby cabas and there's going to be an increase in price for the reissue baby cabas effective May 24. I believe the new retail will also be $1,995.

    I know someone has posted pics before...let me look for the thread...

    Found it!!!
  8. yeah, the bigger cabas is 3" larger then the smaller one. Thus, the price difference.
  9. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. The larger baby cabas is supposed to be the same size as the original, at least that is my understanding from various SAs. It currently retails for $1925. Hope this helps!

  11. Actually, the baby cabas and the new cabas are not the same size. There is a significant difference. Look at the pic below ( its from eBay) the smaller baby cabas is to the right and the new cabas is on the left:

  12. I meant that the larger baby cabas is touted as the same size as the original cabas. The only reason I'm still calling it the baby cabas is because of its design: quilted bottom, no CC stitching.
  13. I'm wait-listed for the original, larger Cabas, which is coming in again, around August. I wonder if it is really the new, larger Baby Cabas, that I'm waiting for.

    In any case, we have to think of a new name for it. Calling it the "Baby Cabas" made so much sense at the time (and it still does) but a Large Baby needs a new name, IMHO! Unless it is really the original size with a new chain... :p