Baby Cabas knockoff *sigh* at Lord & Taylor

  1. This appears in an ad in today's New York Times:

    CHARLES DAVID Medium tote in white or black patent leather; also in camel leather. $285


  2. Yuck! I also saw a knock-off of the baby cabas at nine west on a day that I was carrying my real one . . .
  3. i think that with a bag as popular as the cabas, its inevitable that you'll be seeing many, many, many inspired copies of it! i've already spotted numerous knockoffs of the baby cabas and the vinyl cabas a few months back, selling for less than US$20.
  4. all the way to the design of the photoshoot, shoes and belt:yucky:
    Have they no dignity?
  5. That is just so sad. How low can you go? :sad:
  6. I hate 'inspired' items!:yucky:
  7. baby phat made a version of it too.. YUCK![​IMG]
  8. That's pathetic.
  9. Baby phat's is kitsch and ugly:yucky: even worse than the first one...
  10. Keep in mind that the baby cabas is almost $2K...a lot of girls who like the design can't afford the real thing.
  11. This is the nine west version...
  12. not sure if the link above worked

  13. You know what is weird, when designer clothes are 'interpreted' by fashion houses that are less expensive, I really don't mind because I can't afford 10 grand for a Chanel suit ... but when it comes to handbags and shoes, for some reason I get really annoyed ... it is bad enough with all the fakes and then you see the knock-offs ... ugghh!! But I guess everyone has a right to the styles...
  14. i agree with Harley, I have a couple of "knock-off" Chanel jackets (I also have the real thing but that was a gift)....and it doesnt bother me...but to me there's something about accessories...they gotta be real....i saw a black patent coco cabas knockoff..ewwwww it was not a pretty sight, it looked like the hide on an elephant...wrinkly and bumpy and with strange little crater-like things sticking up...
    I try so hard not to be judgemental because there were years when i couldnt do Chanel bags.... and did knockoffs! (wayyy before i found this forum and knew about the child labor, terrorist link) but sometimes knockoffs are actually funny.....