Baby Cabas in khaki bronze or teal blue?

  1. Which would you girls pick if you had to choose one?

  2. It depends on what colors you wear more. I would get more use out of the bronze.
  3. does anyone have pics of themselves wearing the blue cabas?

    Ive seen people with the bronze one before but havent seen the blue one in modeling pics...Thanks!
  4. i prefer the teal blue
  5. I say whichever goes with your wardrobe the most.
  6. i love the bronze one :tup:
  7. i vote bronze!
  8. bronze
  9. bronze
  10. Bronze. It's a much more versatile color. The teal is nice, but you can only wear it with so many things.
  11. bronze
  12. I'm biased, I would go for the Khaki, as I am after one myself!
  13. The blue is lovely but I would get more use out of the bronze. Totally depends on what colours you wear.