Baby Cabas help needed with leather

  1. I have a friend who has this bag in both white and the dark silver color. She's worried about using this bag and getting caught in the rain.

    She wants to treat the leather with a protectant spray, but can you do this with the white leather.....and what about the silvery bronze leather?

    I have never treated a leather bag, so I don't know much about this......but I'd be worried to treat a light colored or a metallic bag.......maybe someone here has done this successfully???

    Thanks for any help!!!!!
  2. I would't put anything on the silver Cabas since metallics can wear unevenly if treated unevenly. Best bet is to just let the leather wear naturally. As for the white, your friend should just use a mild leather conditioner to spot clean when appropriate. Sonovia or Cadillac leather conditioners work well, or the best I've found is actually Coach's leather cleaner.
  3. Thanks CocoHeart!!!

    I appreciate this information. Thanks again!!!!