baby cabas dilemma

  1. so I recently scored a black baby cabas from nm this weekend...just sortof lucked into it. but here's my dilemma: i am waitlisted for the khaki and dark silver ones at various stores though i'm not sure at all that i'll be able to get one since i'm very low on the lists. Plus some stores are telling me they started the lists even though they have no idea if the bag is really coming. so, should i go ahead and break out this black one and just forget about the khaki or just hang on to the black one till i know for sure the khaki is not going to happen? I don't want to keep the black one too long as i know my NM SA has about 4 other people she could sell the bag to if I were to return it. And while I'm tempted to keep the black one even if I do get the khaki one, I don't want to be greedy and get 2 of the same style!

    What would you do? If you have/had a baby cabas and have seen this khaki color, would you advise me to hold out? I do like it in black, just that I already have 4 black chanel bags already. :confused1:
  2. Hmm, that's a tough question Larkie! I can tell you from experience that anytime I've been wait listed for a bag, even if I'm not high up on the list, customers who are high up change their mind and I end up with the bag. And the fact that you're wait listed at various stores versus just one increases your chances of getting what you want.

    I had the khaki Cabas and personally thought it was a great color that matched practically everything in my wardrobe. If you're not on the list at Nordstrom Seattle you might want to email my s/a and see if their wait list is long. She's great!
  3. Thanks Roey! I will definitely email her. Did your khaki cabas look to be the same shade as the khaki/bronze of the luxe ligne? If so then it's definitely worth waiting for.
  4. I have the Khaki Baby Cabas & it is so beautiful! I pulled her out of the box the other day just to look at her! I may have to put away my Cloudy Bundle Bowler for a bit & carry her around for awhile.
  5. I have the Khaki Baby Cabas, and it's truly a stunning color... the perfect metallic but not super bright shade of bronze. :smile: If you have a lot of black bags (and a black tote in your collection), then maybe you should try to wait for the Khaki! :smile: I'm sure you'll snag one... lots of people on lists change their mind, or are on multiple lists and purchase from where a bag comes in first, etc. :smile: Let us know what you decide! :smile:
  6. thanks gina and fiery for your hearty endorsement of the khaki baby cabas. i definitely want a bronze bag so will just hope and hope that she will find her way to me!