Baby Cabas dilema-please advise

  1. Hi everyone. I just purchased my first Chanel which is a black baby cabas. I have been "trying it out" around the house just to make sure it is the perfect bag for me before I actually use it. (It's so hard to pick just one bag and its a major purchase for me.)

    Anyway, I noticed that the stitching is significantly crooked on one side of the bag making the leather "poof out" on one side. I showed it to my boyfriend and he could see it too, so I know I'm not completely crazy. (Sorry I don't have a camera to post a pic.)

    It seems to me for $1995 plus tax, the bag should be perfect. I'm thinking of returning it tommorrow and going back on the waitlist so I don't know when I would be able to get another one.

    Am I being too anal? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I would take it back as well. When I spend my hard earned money, I want the purse to be purfect.
  3. Take it back... don't accept a defected bag no matter the price!!!
  4. i agree. you shouldn't pay that price tag for a defective bag. Return it :smile:
  5. oh no! take it back, never accept second best!
  6. if you are uncomfortable with it, you should bring it back.
  7. i say return it because if you ever need it to be repaired because of the stitching, you'll have to wait 2-3 months. i'm still waiting for my Cabas to come back from repair. and the manager said definitely a 2-3 month wait.