Baby Cabas Chain

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  1. Hello all,
    I have a question with my baby cabas chain...

    well, I bought a blk one 3 weeks ago... but I realize the chain on my bag is different than my friend's who also bought one recently.
    Hers is a dark silver baby cabas.. the 2 bags has the exact same size, leather texture... but mine got a regular chain with one leather going thru the metal chain..
    but hers is a braided chain... with 2 pieces of leather going thru the metal....

    well, the only difference is the color.. we both paid $1795.....

    whY? how about yours? espcially blk ones.. does blk ones come with braided chain?

    thanks a milion!
  2. I think the braided chain applies to all the new season cabas's. Correct me if I'm wrong ladies!
  3. I have a baby cabas in black, one leather going thru the chain....

  4. Hello IceEarl,
    when did you buy yours??
  5. Few weeks ago... not the new stock, new stock will only be here in another month or so I heard, and the price will be 1995.
  6. KTF...Where did you buy it? I just got mine 2 days ago in white but I paid 1,995.- I believe its the old stock with one leather go thru the chain also.
  7. My Khaki/bronze cabas which I bought last year has the braided thicker chain. The chain on my black one is just the one leather piece. There was a thread about this last year since some people did notice. At that time, the bronze color was the only one with the braided chain. I don't know why they are different, but I doubt this season will be any different from last season.
  8. it's not the seasonal difference.

    black, white, navy and teal (all the non-metallic I think) always come in the classic chain, even those came out last year are like that.

    the metallic colors such as dark silver and bronze always come in the braided chains.

    That's just the way they are released.
  9. I have black w/ a braided chain. There are some out there but they are more rare. The only black w/ braided chain are the "large" baby cabas. i.e not the 16x9 size, it has a different ay#.

    Its confusing but there are previous posts about it. I really wanted the larger size w/ braided chain so I researched it thoroughly and scored mine from personalshoppers on eBay so I know its authentic.

    Hope this helps
  10. I got mine about 2 weeks ago.. from Saks!
  11. I thought so..
    thanks... but I think the barided one look better thou.:sad:
  12. wow... Lucky:tup::tup: you got a braided one ... !
  13. I also have a black cabas with braided chain. It is the newer large size that will be retailing for $2195 in the Fall. The style number is A33988 (as opposed to the smaller Baby Cabas which is A33986).

    I got it for the pre-increase price of $1995 from NM though, so very very happy!

    In case anyone is interested, I just removed myself from Lucas's (Chanelboy) waitlist, so contact him if you're interested in the bag. It will be for the new price of $2195 though.
  14. so .. can I conclude.. all baby cabas ( small size ones) come with classic chain...
    but Dark silver and other metallic colors have braided chain?
  15. ^^yes