baby bouncers?

  1. Hi ladies .. I was looking for those bouncy things that you hang on the doorway and the baby sits in them and bounces on the floor on his toes? do you know what I mean? I have one from my previous babies but we are in a new house now and our doorways are too wide for it to fit on :sad: .. any suggestions on good ones that open wide?
  2. I thnk they are called "Jolly Jumpers".
    I don't know if they are still available for doorways.
    There is many a picture of me as a baby jumping around in one.
    My Mom said it was a lifesaver.
  3. My doorways were too narrow for safe jumping so we bought the Fisher-Price jumperoo. It is free-standing and has some toys with lights on the front. My son loved it from the first day he got it.
  4. Some of those doorway jumpers were recalled. I'd check the recall lists. We had a jumperoo that my son loved. We also have an Amby bed and you can buy a jumper attachment for that too.
  5. hmmm thats interesting! I should really check the recall lists ... thanks for helping!! I will def look at the Fisher-Price jumperoo!!!
  6. Jumperoo for sure! Ours has bounced through 2 boys now and they both LOVED it! And it's so funny to watch them in it. My husband and I always laugh when they bounce.
  7. I second the Jumperoo! My DS LOVED it--he got a lot of exercise using it.
  8. wow that looks nice!! I am going to look at some today thanks everyone :smile: