Baby Bouncers - what to get?

  1. Hi! Need some suggestions on what baby bouncer to buy. I'm giving birth by the end of Sept. and can't decide on which brand or model to get. Should i get the bouncers with lights, music & toys like the ones sold by Fisher-Price or should i get something simple like the Baby Bjorn Baby Sitter 123?

    Would appreciate your help.:smile:

    Thank you!
  2. I recommend to get one with lights, music and vibration. It will keep them entertained for a bit such as when you take a shower, you can set it in the bathroom an keep an eye on the baby. Babies go through things quickly but I found with the bouncy chair we used it longer than most things. We stopped using it when our son was 4 months because he was leaning forward and I was afraid he was going to fall out and it only buckled around his lap.

    Good luck and congrats. Keep us posted when he/she arrives. Best wishes for a fast, relatively "painless" delivery :smile:
  3. We got a soothing motion glider as a gift-it's got music, sliding motion and comfort all in one and i am sure our baby is going to love it! You should go to a store in your area; either buybuybaby or babiesrus, to try one out to see if you like it.
  4. I have to agree with both of the above posters. My son loved the Fisher Price Sensory Motions bouncer. It was the one with the mirror on top and the detachable toys on the sides. It also had vibrations and music. The Fisher-Price soothing motions glider is amazing! He would have the best naps in it! We still continued to use the music when he slept in the crib. Also, don't forget to get a swing. Sometimes babies still need movement in order to sleep and a swing really helps.

    I should have said Congratulations first!! Get the DVD or book of Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp. A real lifesaver when baby is crying (and you have checked everything...) to help soothe baby. The technique really works!
  5. Thank you so much for all your recommendations!:smile:.. now I'm off to buy the bouncer... and a few more things....

    btw, never thought buying baby stuff would be so much fun!
  6. It is so much fun! And you get to do it very often as they quickly outgrow clothing and toys. You will get a great deal of use out of the bouncer, glider, and swing. I also found one of those really ugly gliders (rocking chair glider for Mom) to be so helpful for feeding Db, rocking, reading stories, etc. They aren't the most beautiful, but I have spent so many hours in it that it really is worth it! I would try those out at the store to see which one is most comfortable for you. BBB has a great selection. Try to do as much of your shopping now for the things you might need in the first few months since your little one will be keeping you very busy.
  7. YES! get a glider. it works like magic, or so i heard. i put one in my room next to the baby's crib and plan to make great use of it!
  8. Bouncers and swings are great when you need to put baby down and do things around the house, but remember, baby needs tummy time too! So don't forget to get some kind of mat, gymni, contraption that stimulates baby on his tummy. Will help baby develop strength, coordination, etc.

    Have fun!!!
  9. I watched a baby who had that glider rocking chair thing (the yellow one) and he loved it. But when he was not in it, he always wanted to be rocked. So I don't know if that's such a good thing...imo...hmm....

    Someone bought me the Rainforest Bouncer off of my registry. I personally like the bouncers that make noise, and keep the baby entertained. It's really cute also!