Baby Boos Reason for working

  1. Hi All
    Finally after being here for 5months i have gotten the courage and the camera skills to upload my collection. its not as great as some but its my babies and im proud. haha im only 21 so i dont think its soo too bad. only epi speedy manderin missing. its the newset so havent taken pics yet...

    Please feel free to comment and enjoy!!!

    oh and have grouped them to make it easier to see
    general1.JPG Guccis1.JPG evenings1.JPG latest1.JPG LVs1.JPG
  2. i love the peppermint reade and the gucci tote! i also see a dior boston girly bag peeking in the first pic! melovesssss!
  3. Thanks for sharing. Great collection.
  4. Wow, you're only 21 and your collection is great! ^__^ Love the balenciaga.

    Haha, I'm 20 and I own only a pewter city. Ganbatte for me.
  5. thanks guys.. you reminded me heartfelt i didnt add my pink collection.. how do i add another pic?
  6. Ooh! I'm loving the blue Gucci. You have a great collection!
  7. Ooooh I really like the Guccissima, very cute collection !
  8. Have added pink collection. figured out how!!
    pink collection1.JPG
  9. I love them ALL! WOW! You have such a beautiful collection. I really like the Guccissima! The color is beautiful! Thanks for the photos!
  10. I love your YSL bags, Chloe Bracelets bags & that Dior pink monogram boston bag is ultra fab!!!!!! You have a beautiful collection!!
  11. You have great taste! Love them all!!!
  12. :love: your gucci & bbag. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Thanks guys soo sweet. will put some up for sale soon to make room for more...
  14. Great collection! I love your evening/dressy bags!
  15. Lovely bags! Great collection!