Baby Blue Vs Red

  1. some of you might remember me posting about my baby blue pochette a few weeks back. :love:

    I went to Chanel today and saw the most beautiful 2.55 classic red bag. Itz the one with another flap inside and I think I'm in :heart:

    The SA said that I could do an exchange and I think I just might. For itz versatility and also the longevity of itz usage. like i could still use it when i'm older.

    What do you guys think? :shrugs:


  2. U are right...especially the 2.55 is a classic bag..that never goes out of style. Gd choice..go for it:yes:
  3. Hi sweetie,

    I went to the chanel boutique last week and saw the baby blue pochette and the classic red. I think the red is easier to wear but it really depends on your wardrobe. I'm rooting for the red! =) Good luck!
  4. Hey babe! How've u been?

    I think I might just change to the red. it is a more structured bag as well... oh dear.. :love:
  5. go with's beautiful
  6. Red!
  7. love the blue:heart:, its such a beautiful & special shade (plus its quite uncommon!)
    but of course if you're going to get more use out of the red, get the red!
    your blue washed lambskin is still a classic shape though, and i love the un-structured-ness of it? classic with a slightly unconventional twist, which is why my vote goes for the blue. the classic 2.55s are just a little too "boxy" for my liking, i find that it looks a bit "old" on me... but they're still absolute stunners and i'm sure i'll grow into them in the (very, very, very) near future.
  8. RED!
  9. Definitely red! Please post pics when you decide :smile:
  10. Just want to clarify, the baby blue is the washed lambskin from this year summer collection right?? And the red is caviar?? Or lambskin??

    if so, I think the baby blue is cute but if I buy I think I would pick the red too.
  11. I think the red is the best choice--red bags look SO hot with black, black and white, black and many options!
  12. RED is the best...
  13. I say go with the red one!
  14. red red red!
  15. i'm sorry what's 2.55? i;m new to this :sad: