baby blue suede carly

  1. its not new.. i think it came out last year right??

    my macys still has one
  2. it came out with all the other carlys...because i was tempted by that one (i wanted the chambray) but thats a helluva lot of suede...
  3. I just saw that chambray suede Carly at the outlet this week. Gorgeous! :smile:
  4. wow that is pretty
  5. outlet?? which outlet? how much????
  6. its so pretty, I saw it at the outlet, but oh that suede. I can't do Coach suede, I can't baby my bags that much
  7. what outlet!! how much?!!!?!
  8. Agree w/Court, the lighter suede is difficult to keep clean.
  9. Niagara Falls, NY outlet.

    I want to say it was $568 (I only glanced at the price, so I might be off a little). There was only one, and it was on the counter near the cash registers. I'm not aware of it having an additional % off.
  10. Wow Nevermind
  11. Yeah, I know...just barely less than the retail price.
  12. yep it came out last year. they had one a week ago at the riverhead outlet in new york.
  13. I saw one at the San Marcos, TX outlet a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn't marked down very much. It's beautiful but I'm afraid of suede!
  14. I LOVE that color and style bag, but I cannot do that much suede either!
    I'm not very high maintenance!