Baby birds...

  1. Just thought I would share...:smile: We have a nest of baby birds that just hatched in a little spruce tree outside our patio door. It's by our pool & we have been checking on them everyday. Yesterday they hatched (4 of them) Mama bird is used to us being around so she rarely flies away when we are near. It's been a big thrill for my kids to see all this! I snuck this picture a little bit ago...
  2. omg!! how fun will that be to watch them get feathers and learn to fly!! what a great thing for your kids (and you!) :smile:
  3. Aw, that's so sweet. Great picture!
  4. awesome picture!!!!
  5. Thats a really nice picture.
  6. Aww, how cute! We had some baby birds in a watering can earlier this year.
  7. aww soo cute! i had a robin's nest above my deck light a few years back, the mother and father were not so nice and we were too scared to use our bbq and deck for a good month!