baby birds.. help!

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  1. A mother bird laid 4 or 5 eggs in one of my potted plants and they hatched a few days ago, but the mother hasn't been back in 2 days! I'm getting worried. :sad: What should I do? Two of them already fell down from the nest (it's a hanging plant) and died. :sad: I'm really upset about this. Please help...
  2. Oh no, that is very sad! :sad: :cry: Poor baby birds. And maybe something happened to the mother too... :sad:

    I think you should call an Animal Shelter/Animal Rescue organization right away and explain what happened, and have them rescue the remaining baby birds before it's too late. Good luck!
  3. :cry: Oh no! should try calling your local animal rescue league for advice. It must be so heartbreaking to see them suffering...hopefully the rescue people can dispatch some help! Best of luck...let us know what happens.
  4. Please call the Animal Rescue! Good luck and please keep us posted. Thanks.
  5. I agree with everyone else. Two days is too long without their mother. A shelter can probably save them. Good luck!
  6. Yep, call the Animal place. Also... don't touch them with your hands... if you do, if hte mother does come back, she won't want to touch them
  7. thanks for your help everyone. I did not touch them because I didn't want to disturb them. It's too late to call the animal shelter today and I don't want the birds to starve. :cry:
  8. Sina, I forgot to ask one more thing: is there a 24-hour animal rescue centre in your city's phonebook? I don't know where you live, but I know that in Canada, there are 24-hour rescue centres that operate 7 days a week. I would highly recommend that you check your Yellow Pages or the internet for a location. Good luck!
  9. If you do an internet search, try going onto Google and type the following words: your city, and the words " 24-hour animal emergency rescue". Hopefully that should bring up some locations.
  10. OM.. Poor baby birds. I wonder what happen to the mom I hope they are ok:sad:
  11. keep us posted, but i do not think the mother may come back at this point. please call the local animal shelter so they can be picked up and nurtured.