Baby & Bikini

  1. Anyone here have a baby and can still wear a bikini? How long did it take you to lose your post baby fat, and did you go back to the exact size you were pre-pregnancy?

    Pondering whether we should start a family. Besides the birthing pain & lifetime commitment, just wondering what the impact will be on my body.

    yeah yeah, everyone has told me that once you have the kid, things like purses and shoe and stretchmarks don't matter, but I still want to know. :push: :push: :push:
  2. Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't go back to my original size. I was an 8, now I'm a 12.

    I'm kind of modest and don't wear bikinis anyway - I always wear a maillot or tankini.

    Besides, as many tPF members can most certainly attest to, there's always plastic surgery!
  3. I have 2 little ones & I still wear a bikini.. Actually, I'm smaller now than pre-pregnancies (must be all that chasing kids around!:p ) It took me about 3 months to loose all my baby weight with the first & about 4 1/2 months with my second. I also never got a single stretchmark. (Thanks Mom, good genes I guess..)

    I'd love to find a tankini & a 1-piece that look good on me but I'm so short waisted, I look like a stump. I always go back to my bikini because it flatters my shape better.
  4. Well having a baby should be something you really want to do- no matter what the outcome with your body. Your body though is made to carry a baby and lose the weight...

    I have not had a baby yet, but I welcome a stretch mark or two for a bundle of joy that I would love to have!!
  5. ITA, I would do it again in a heartbeat even if I hadn't gotten so lucky~ I would have taken stretchmarks & a few extra permanent pounds for what I got in return.

    It's the best experience in the world!
  6. LOADS of women deliver a baby {or babies} and are able to wear a bikini afterwards. . . it really depends on YOU though.
    YOUR genetics, YOUR ability to not overindulge {'because you're eating for 2!'} and YOUR committment to getting back in shape afterwards.

    I didn't gain more weight than I needed w/ either of my pregnancies, I gained 27 lbs w/ my DD and 29 lbs w/ my twins.
    Nursing makes the weight drop quicker as well, but I lost all my weight both times within 12 weeks.
    My body wasn't the same after twins, understandably, so I had a little 'work' done and could wear a bikini again if I wanted.
  7. Have 3. Gained 40 w/first and it took 3 months to lose to get back to size 4 (w/just eating normal and healthy). Gained 25 w/last 2 and took a month to get back to my size w/the last. Again, I don't diet, just my genetics, plus running after 3 kids, high metabolism and a balanced attitude about food.
    Actually, I weigh about 7 pounds more...and it's great...healthy looking.
    I wear a two piece (bikini is itsy in my mind's eye) because I haven't found a one piece that has a stuffed bra!
    Babies...yum...they're worth every pound kept or lost!
  8. I overindulged in my cravings and gained about 60 pounds she will be 1 yr old in july and i am about 5 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight however i want to lose an additionaly 15 so i hope to get there before she turns 1. Also, what has been recommended to me for next time is to actually drop 15 pounds before getting pregnant. I don't know if anyone here has done that?
  9. I work with two women who have both had children and who are both smaller than they were pre-pregnancies. One, in fact, has a six-pack that's TDF and she doesn't have a single stretch mark. Like Swanky said, it's all about YOU and your genetics.
  10. I think if having a baby is contingent on you being able to wear a bikini after I would suggest waiting until a level of maturity is reached. Sorry JMO!
  11. A bikini was the farthest thing on my mind when deciding to have my first. Four children later, I can genuinly say that my body is not a top priority. Like Swanky said, your physique has alot to do with genetics. Whatever you decide, good luck...
  12. I see nothing wrong with wanting to look good at any phase in one's life. It didn't come across that way to me - that her decision to have children is contingent upon how she'll look post-pregnancy. I think it's just a concern for her and that doesn't seem unreasonable to me.
  13. "Baby & Bikini"
    "Pondering whether we should start a family. Besides the birthing pain & lifetime commitment, just wondering what the impact will be on my body."

    I guess the title of the thread and this quote led me to think otherwise.
  14. It's all about genetics. I was lucky enough not to get a single stretchmark (even though I gained 50+ lbs lol).

    I had no problem wearing a bikini after either of my previous pregnancies. But it could have gone the other way too.
  15. That's not the question I asked, so if you're not going to answer my original post, then please don't contribute.