Baby B'Air device (traveling without carseat)

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  1. It's perfectly safe to hold your baby in your lap while you fly. Some people don't think so, but to each their own!
    I have flown with my DS on my lap twice, and 5 times with a car seat. Each time it worked out. I think this last time it worked out better (without the seat) because I just brought the boppy on board with me, and he slept the WHOLE way, through take off, landing, and even after I got to my Grandparents house :yes: I even slept 3 hours out of the 4 1/2 hour flight :biggrin:
    I just checked the carseat and stroller along with our baggage, and had it ready when we left the airport.

  2. Thanks for your input. :smile:
  3. I think those are ok but I would use a carseat.

    You never know if you will have turbulance & no one wants to think about it but what if you had a child on the plane that crashed into the Hudson?

    Every kid is different but there would be no way my daughter would sit in my lap on a long flight for example.
  4. I think I would rather be holding my baby in a plane crash then struggling to get them out of a carseat in the middle of the ordeal. But it really is what you are comfortable with. Of course the car is totally different.
  5. Yes it's a personal decision for every parent. I would want my daughter in a carseat. I've been on planes trip where the turbulance was pretty strong I would want my daughter restrained.
  6. That doesn't make sense to me. A person could easily let go on impact or pass out well before it hit the ground. I agree with the poster who mentioned the Hudson, I would definitely want to know that my child was strapped into a car seat.
  7. I am not sure about this one. I just know on all the flights I have been on (which has been tons) that I have never seen a baby in the seat. Always on mom's lap. I didn't know until reading these threads that baby went in the carseat on there.
  8. Wow. didn't even know this item existed. I do remember watching one of the Dateline specials on air saftely and they said you should always buy the seat so that you can place the baby in a carseat--it's the safest way to go.
  9. Do you pay full price for a seat for the baby? Also, what about carry-on luggage, does the car seat count as a carry on?
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    You do pay full price for the seat for the baby. It's a normal, revenue generating seat, so the airlines want their money. They could sell it to someone else for full price.

    I haven't had a problem with the luggage restriction with the car seat; the airline has never said anything. If they did, I would argue that it's the baby's carryon, which he is entitled to, since he has a paid seat. But, to be honest, I really try to minimize the other stuff I'm carrying. Remember that once you gate-check your stroller, you are carrying baby in carseat and your bags onto the plane. It's not as bad when they're little, but as they get older and you have 35 -40 lbs of baby+carseat, it's killer.

    Re the Baby B'Air, my friend just tried something like this on a flight. I don't think it's this one, since this one is a vest. Whatever she had didn't stay on the baby well. He's older and a little more active, and just squirmed right out the bottom of it. This seems like a better idea, though I would like to see someone change their baby while hooked up in it, which they claim you can do!

    The other thing to consider is that you can't use the Baby B'Air during takeoff and landing, which is when the majority of crashes happen. So it's great for turbulence, but not for something like the Hudson River crash, since that was right after takeoff.
  11. In my experiences you can take one carry on for the baby, and one for you (this varies with different Airlines though) and you can check one bag for you, and one for the baby. You do pay full price for the baby seat. The stroller counts as a checked item, and so does the car seat if you choose to check it. The car seat is not a carry on. When I've flow with Aiden, with and without a seat, both times I was able to bring a carry on, (I only brought one because I can't carry two by myself, and handle the other stuff) a diaper bag, my purse, a blanket, and the boppy. Some car seats you can't install in a plane, unless you're in first class, because they are too big.
    The Graco infant carrier to be exact. I bought two first class tickets, and I barely squeezed the seat and base in there, and a few months later, I flew coach, and I couldn't fit it in with the base, and I had to take the base off. :Push:
    I'm not sure how fitting the Britax would go, I would probably have to have it forward facing for it to fit.