Baby Bags!

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  1. My sister is having a baby, her first. I want to get her a really cool, stylish baby bag. does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe not even a "diaper bag" exactly, but something big enough to lug all the baby essentials around w/o screaming "baby on board" any suggestions would bo appreciated. Everyone here has been so helpful!

  2. I had a baby last year and went through this dilemma. I ended up with maybe 7 different diaper bags. Here's some suggestions:

    Petunia Picklebottom

    Juicy Couture:






    Skip Hop (I own this in black)

    Kate Spade:


    You could also try:

    LV Cabas Mezzo
    Gucci (has two different diaper bags).

    But, I would suggest one with lots of compartments.
  3. I would suggest maybe the work balenciaga bag??? .... that is what I would use if I had a baby coming!
  4. Hi,

    There's also the Hammitt bags (in this month's InStyle mag. -- Angelina Jolie is carrying one but they're really pricey for a diaper bag ($595). Or -- she can get a big bag and use a Diapee Wipee carrier for the wipes and diapers. It depends on her personality and how much she wants a "diaper bag" vs. a regular bag. (I've gone through at least 6 or 7 traditional diaper bags, but I'm now using a Balenciaga Day bag).
  5. I used a black Prada large nylon backpack as a diaper bag. It's made of nylon so it's easier to wipe down and clean up. It's also a style my husband didn't mind carrying around. Plus it's Prada ... it always looks chic with whatever you're wearing.
  6. Those Diaper Dad bags are adorable.
  7. You guys rock, thank you so much for all of your responses! I am so excited to do this for her! I'll let you all know what i decide on.
  8. Do you have a price range in mind?
  9. I'd rather not spend over 500. I mean if it was something really special i definitely would. She's going to be a single mom, so i wanted to get her something she wouldn't buy for herself.
  10. i just checked out the Hammitt baby bag. I love it. I want to get it.
  11. I love my LV Monogram mini diaper bag. It's really functional w/ lots of pockets. It has two sadles, one is for baby stuff and the other is for mommy's she wouldn't have to mess w/carrying a diaper bag and a purse. Oops just saw your price range.
  12. I really like the Fleurville bags. It's actually a diaper bags, so it comes with things like the ability to attach to a stroller, a container to put the bottle and wet wipes.

    The fashion bags are pretty but not as functional as bags that are meant to be diaper bags.
  13. Gucci has my favorite!
    Don't buy the Burberry, mine went back after a week because the black edging split, I bought a tote and used it instead.
    The Kate Spades are tough to beat - they're the right size, wipe clean and have lots of pockets - I wash mine in the washer on "Hand wash"
    I also have a Hop Skip, it's great for Dads and to hang from the back of the stroller.
  14. My little guy is just over 8 months so I thought I'd share my experiences with you. I spent months pouring over magazines and visiting the chic baby boutique in my town. In the end, I agree with the previous poster about getting an actual diaper bag (much more practical). What I have found, however, is that I don't regularly need the full size diaper bag. For quick trips a smaller bag will do. So in the end, I have two diaper bags that I love. For my larger one I got the Fleurville ($150). It has so much room and it is easy to clean b/c it has a plastic cover. Then, for my everyday quick trips, I got a cute Kipling messenger style bag (not their diaper bag). It was about $65-$70 and easily holds enough for a shopping trip. Plus, I can use it later for overnight trips and such b/c it is not a "diaper" bag. Le SportSac also makes some cute messenger style bags that might work as well.

    Since you were thinking of spending as much as $500, why not get her two bags like I did so that she will always be prepared. You could also fill both bags with essentials from Babies R Us or Target and still fall way under your budget. If you need more info about filling the bag, feel free to PM me and I'll let you know what is useful and what is just gimmicky stuff that Babies R Us tries to push on you :amuse: