Baby bags!

  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    My sister is pregnant w/ her first baby boy and I'd like to get her a really cute baby bag as a present.
    Can anyone recommend me any cute ones? I'm open to all suggestions- brand name or not.

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. DesignsByJamie custom design your own diaper bag.jpg whitestone its a boy chic diaper bag.jpg babybugboutique sage dragonfly gingham tote.jpg
  3. those are all adorable!
    thank you :smile:
    but i'd prefer to buy it at a store or boutique incase she doesn't like it and wants to exchange it. :smile:
  4. sugarplumbaby diaper bag and stroller bag in one messenger style.jpg
  5. If I had the $$ I would totally go for the Juicy diaper bag!
    I was at Winners the other day and I saw a bag by 'Guido Martinez'?? - it was super cute!
    My diaper bag is dark green from Eddie Bauer - so hubby can carry it too =)
  6. Congratulations to your sister! I have the Gucci diaper bag and love it! There was another thread that had some great diaper bags on it....I think it was titled ...the baby is not here yet, but I am already thinking about the bags. Petunia Pickle also makes some pretty diaper bags. Neiman's online has a nice selection of diaper bags, too.
  7. mamamonkey kises 25 cents baby onesie.jpg mamamonkey this side up baby onesie.jpg
  8. Have you heard of the Petunia Pickle Bottom baby bags?
    Check it out at this link: petunia pickle bottom

    Kate Spade makes pretty baby bags as well. But if you want designer brands check out LV, Gucci & Burberry.

  9. definitely a pink Mulberry for leather, Naraya pink for quilted ones, loads on Ebay
  10. Saw this on that petunia site - :love: