Baby bag or Tote -- is there a diff?

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  1. Hey gang!

    I see lots of moms on the board, some of whom also seem to carry the Kate Spade nylong diaper bags. I love this bag, and I'm sure if I had a baby, it would be great. The thing is, I'm very far away from having any kids, but the bag looks perfect for carrying books and papers to school -- perfect dimensions, around 15 by 11, with nice long handles. I teach college courses, so that's a great size.

    Question: could this bag be a tote...or will my students simply think I'm too clueless to tell the difference between a diaper bag and a school tote? :nuts:

    Here's an example of the bag -- I used a random pic from Ebay (so haven't analyzed for quality, price or potential fakery:smile:
  2. honestly, the kate spade medium diaper bag is very similar to the medium shopper so I don't think that many people will look at the diaper bag and think it's a diaper bag. i know a lot of people who used that particular tote for other things besides as a diaper bag. If it fits all your necessities, then go for it.
  3. I used my last baby bag as a school bag and saw others on campus doing the same. If you like the bag, use it any way you see fit.
  4. There's a messenger version that would easily be pulled off.
    My Kate Spade looks like a diaper bag to me, but maybe because I've had 3 of them and know that's what they are.
    I wouldn't think college kids would notice.
  5. Thanks guys -- I'm going to check out this messenger version too. I must just tote around too much stuff since it seems the only bags I find that are large enough are meant to carry the stuff of a mom AND baby...
  6. I actually bought something that I'm not sure if it's a diaper bag or not but I needed it in that size so I don't care. LOL. I don't think it is but lots of people sellin git on eBay calls it a diaper bag.
  7. There are so many diaper bags out there nowadays, IMHO I think that if you aren't carrying a baby with the bag, it can be whatever kind of bag you want it to be :smile:
  8. My mom was commenting on how when she had kids baby bags were all ugly and so noticeable, and now there are so many cute versions that look just like other purses...and I think that's the point. They're great options available for moms but they're also versatile! So who cares, I sincerely doubt anyone would notice!