Baby Bag Gift Advice (Please?)

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  1. My wife’s birthday is coming up and she is 7 months pregnant with our first. I was thinking of getting her a Burberry/Coach/Kate Spade/other designer diaper bag. Is this a bad idea?

    I was thinking that she might prefer something for her since we have received many gifts for the baby. Can any mothers offer up some advice here?

    I am planning on spending ~$400 for her birthday.

    If it is a good idea, any comments on which I should buy?

    Thank you from a confused father-to-be.
  2. Saw a really cute DKNY diaper bag a couple of weeks ago on . It would have been something I would have liked for myself when I had my baby. But your budget is a bit higher, so I'd say go with one that has a) compartments for bottles, wipes, etc. and b) a changing pad.
  3. I think that is a great idea! She won't have room, or enough arms to carry a handbag and a diaper bag comfortably....nothing like a designer diaper bag to make up for that!

    In my opinion, I would go for the bag that has the darkest color available. Let's face it, they get dirty...spilled on, spit up on... If you are spending that much, you will want it to last a long time. I am not sure I would go for the Coach ones that they have on their site now, although they are nice...they are cloth and in light colors.

    I thought they made one in black leather at one time? :unsure:
  4. Check out the Neiman Marcus website - they have some really nice Kate Spade diaper bags, in dark colours too.
  5. What do you think about these Coach bags? They have every compartment possible!! :embarasse
  6. The diaper bag sounds like a good idea. I've had Burberry and Kate Spade diaper bags, for school though, both are extremely durable, good luck!
  7. Ordered and done. Thank you all for helping a helpless husband.
  8. Ah ! I was just about to say Coach for their lovely optic baby bags !

    And don't forget, there are matching teddies in the Coach baby line ! :smile: