Baby Aspirin for cats?

Oh Donna!

Sep 8, 2006
My oldest cat Pita (almost 13) is arthritic in her hips, its gotten a little worse recently with the cold weather we have had here in S. California. My vet did her blood work and x-rays and she did determine shes arthritic (hellllooo? I told you that before the $400 tests!). She called me today and said she should have anti inflam shots once a month (no problem) and to give her one baby aspirin a day, which is also anti inflam and will help with her joint pain. I have never heard of that. Has anyone else given baby aspirin to their cat?

She also told me her enzyme levels were elevated in her kidneys, so thats a new problem a little more down the road.

I just dont want her in pain. She sleeps on a heating pad at night and big thick warm blankets on the couch any other time. Does anyone else have any suggestions?


I run with scissors
Apr 22, 2006
I know for dogs there are a number of great arthritis drugs, such as Rimadyl (I may not be seplling this correctly). But I know they use baby aspirin for both dogs and cats.


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Apr 24, 2006
The vet clinic I used to work for said no aspirin/tylenol for dogs, but I am not sure about cats:sad:

Def. check with your vet before you give the kitty anything...better to be safe than sorry!


Jul 27, 2006
I know Tylenol is VERY poisonous to cats - it will actually kill them - so definitely avoid that. Not sure about aspirin...

I'm always a little nervous about medicating pets, especially if she is having kidney issues too. If the heating pad and blankets seem to be helping, I might just stick with them. Hope your kitty feels better!


Sep 9, 2006
NO TYENOL TO CATS WHATSOEVER!!!! Yes, cats die of Tyenol toxicity!!! Asprin is okay for cats BUT you have to do under STRICT VETERINARY SUPERVISION and monitor the dose. There is a product called Metacam out recently and it is only FDA approved for dogs, but have been used on cats in Europe for many years. It is a Non-steroidal Antiinflammatory Drug like aspirin but supposedly 'safer'. You still have to monitor your kitty's blood work while under any meds like these... Drugs are hard on liver and kidneys.
Cats are very good with tolerating pain so if you 'see' your kitty not doing well, you probably want to intervene for the kitty soon. And as for kidneys, you may have to do SQ fluids at home down the road. I have a cat whom I am giving supportive care for chronic renal failure. It is something that unfortunately older cats get, but can be manageble with proper care. You vet may suggest you start to switch to a 'kidney friendly' diet, etc.
When Rocky became arthritic, I put those pet stairs all over so he can get up to the couch, bed, etc., easily. I also supplemented him with Cosequin, which is essentially a joint health supplement. I didn't give him pain meds also because his kidneys were worse, too. Some people try acupuncture and say that helps. Some do have to go with stronger drugs like opiods for their cats with arthritis.
PM me if you need any further info. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician and experienced with feline medicine, too, just because I love cats and work with them all the time!


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Feb 26, 2006
I've only bought pet aspirin for my dog, who has hip dysplacia. I'm not sure about baby aspirin but I suppose they are ok. Just that over a couple of weeks, the animal gets used to it and you need to top up the dosage.

Oh Donna!

Sep 8, 2006
Baby aspirin is okay under vet supervision, NO Tylenol! For my baby the aspirin will agaravte and accelerate her newly diagnosed condition, I pick up the new drugs for her tomorrow, dont remember the name but they have to be specially "compressed" (whatever that means) because she's a smaller cat (thats odd to me because we always called her our "big boned girl"). It will cost me...~gulp~ about $245 a month. As long as she is comfortable and not in pain I will happily pay it. But the minute I know she's in pain I wont put off the inevitable.