Baby Animals and Mademoiselle Line SALE!

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  1. Chanel counter at Saks in Beverly Hills are having a sale on their baby animals collection as well as their mademoiselle ligne.
    I'm surprised the baby animals went on sale so fast. They just released it for spring. Well for those who were looking for the flap. Call the Saks in Beverly Hills. I use Gail but she's on vacation. They all seem nice though on the phone. :P
  2. Do they have any of the baby animals accessories (scarves??) on sale that you're aware of?
  3. ^^^I want to know too- do they have any baby animals jewelry or clothing on sale?
  4. Did you see any brown mademoiselle ligne bags on sale? :nuts:
  5. I live in Texas so I didn't see the collection. I've only been to Saks inBeverly Hills once. Just call them up and ask, you can look up the number on I was calling about another bag and asked if there were any sales, that was what the saleslady told me... happy hunting.
  6. Thanks for letting me know! :yes: I'm just trying to avoid too many long-d calls...I figure every dollar spent on long-d calls is a dollar taken from my bag budget!!! :roflmfao:
  7. the baby animal jewerly clothes and totes are all on sale. Just got back from pre-selecting at the boutique.
  8. can i ask how much is the medium animal print flap cost after the discounts? thank u
  9. the botique still has one or two camera bags left!
  10. I called and the SA said she doesn't have baby animal w/ the flap. Does anyone see this bag in the store?
  11. Baby animal pink clutch type thing is on sale along with the baby animal scarves at Portland, OR saks fifth.
  12. the pink clutch is for baby wipes!
  13. i want the baby animals flap too, if anyone finds it please let me know, thanks!
  14. The baby animals stuff left are the scarves, some jewelry.. I didn't see any flaps or diaper bags.. sorry. There is a mademoiselle tote in the lime green lambskin that was discounted.

    Non sale items that I saw:
    SMALL luxury bowlers in non metallic black and red calfskin (these are from SS 2006, very rare to see some left)
    Paris-Montecarlo/Pre Fall stuff shown in other threads...I didn't like any of them...
    Pink and black PSTs w/ silver and gold
    Patent luxe bowlers (alot actually)
  15. thanks for the update
    what color were the baby animal scarves? tia