baby animal flap price

  1. what's the price on the baby animal flap? are there 2 colors, black and yellow? oh and are they cotton? thanks :smile:
  2. there's yellow? i always thought it was black and pink.

    sorry i dont have any info on it.
  3. i could be wrong, i remember someone posted it being 1595, try to do a search, something should turn up
  4. I thought it was black and pink too. i think i rem it being quite pricey. near $2k or more? not exactly sure.
  5. i have the pink one - its $1575... i bought it because besides falling totally in love andhaving alot to wear with it, its a classic style (the flap) despite the whimsical print................
    the big tote version is TDF, but more trendy, IMO
  6. It's 850 GB pounds here in London and yes, it made from some kind of cotton.