Baby allergies

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  1. So as of yesterday Ainslie has been having a snotty nose (not runny) and then last night of course after the doc closes I notice it sounds like she has drainage in her throat, now I live in San Antonio and allergies are super bad here this time of year and 99% of the people here have them, but now I'm worried about my little one!!

    She is not running a fever, she is eating and having plenty of awake time, so I have been using Ocean Spray on her like the pediatrician said to do on her 2 week visit, but I'm going to call her office today to see if I should bring her in. Having drainage in her throat scares me, she doesn't sound congested thank God (literally).

    Anyone else's babies have allergies? I feel so awful, like I've done something wrong, she's only 4 weeks old. :sad::sad:
  2. My BFFs baby has HORRIBLE allergies. My BFF breastfed to help, but she can't pass on help for somthing she has herself (she has the same allergies). Unfortunately in her situation her son is on basically a nonstop antibiotic and for huge chunks of the year, allergy medicine. He's not yet two.

    Do you have these same allergies? Are you breastfeeding, this should help if you don't have allergies?
  3. yea, I have allergies too. I am BF and doing formula, so I was hoping she'd get some kind of immunity from the BFing, but what you're saying makes sense, if my body can't fight it off, then I can't help her!

    I just feel so bad that she's only a month old and already having problems. I just feel like there is something I could do, keep the room warmer, cooler, keep her in, etc. UGH!!
  4. Well, this is what my BFFs doctor told her. He MUST have humidity in his room. There are ones that kill off germs better than others. She had a whole home humidifier, but the doctor said this is not enough. It needs to be higher.
  5. Thanks! I am going to go buy one this weekend, I know that will help some.

    I went ahead and took her to the doc and what she said was that it was acid reflux. So she prescribed some Zantac drops for her to try for 2 weeks. Thankfully her ears and lungs were clear, nose was a little stuffy but as I mentioned before the pediatrician agreed with our climate here that is normal, so she told me to keep using the ocean drops on her nose.

    I'm so glad she has no congestion!
  6. My daughter had a stuffy nose for almost 2 months. I have a humidifier going constanly, and I bought an electric nasal aspirator.
  7. Maybe it's just a cold? I wouldn't worry too much about the allergies yet. Babies get a lot of colds.

    My DS just had his first one that turned into a congested cough. My DH was freaking out, and I was just like, it's from the post-nasal drip. We both went to the doctor, who confirmed that yep, it's snot running down his throat and making him cough. Babies can't do the throat-clearing thing that we do, so it just drains down there and makes them cough, but it's still nothing more serious than a cold.