Baby Acne

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  1. Ok girls...I'm starting to freak out! Carter has been getting bad acne so I researched and found people used aquaphor ointment and that helped. Did that with either no result or it possibly got worse. Called my ped and was told to put baking soda and water to make a paste, put on his face to dry, and wash off. Did that with him screaming, only to research that it can sting for people with sensitive skin! His face is now all red and I think I got some in his eye. Has anyone have any experience with this? I'm freaking out, feeling guilty!
  2. My son had this ! Trust me it goes away and they look normal ! I just left it alone and used aveeno on the rest of his body because he had sensitive skin.
  3. My DD had it too. Like Mrs. MC we just left it alone and it went away.
  4. my sons both had it, it's not pretty, but it does go away...their lil pores are having to adjust. so just try to keep his face clean and don't put anything on it. poor lil guy!
  5. My son was the same. He had horrible baby acne, but it went awhile after awhile. I didn't do anything to his skin. I just let it go away on its own.
  6. My daughter just got over this a little while ago (along with cradle cap). The acne pretty much appeared overnight and lasted a good month probably. It's basically their system purging the excess hormones that they got from you. I left it alone for the most part (put a bit of calendula baby cream on the dry spots) and it went away on its own.
  7. dabbing some breastmilk to the area really helped... it also happened to appear almost overnight and there was a ton.. but after using the breastmilk tip which i got from my midwife, it was gone in a week or so.
  8. my ds had it about 2 weeks after he was born, it went away and monday of this week it came back like little red fine bumps that get worse when he gets hot or cries.. today was his 6 week check up and the doctore said it was the 6 week rash, that is common for infants in this stage.. i was advised to use warm water and thats it, anything else will make it worse.
    i thought i had used to much lysol around the house, everytime we have company, i spray the whole house with
    and i had recently put lotion on his face cause it seemed a bit dry... i hate looking at it, but he seems fine and he is still a handsome lil fellow despite
    i nurse and sometimes my milk runs all over his face and I thought that was it to.. best thing to do is not touch it all
  9. Breast milk really seems to help with a lot of different things. I didn't breast feed so I never got to see the benefits.. I have even heard to squirt a little up the babies nose if it is stuffy!
  10. Breastmilk really does help - just apply a little over the rash twice a day. Sometimes hydrocortisone cream does too. However, as everyone else says, the rash will go away in time. All 3 of my kids had it and aside from the breastmilk tip I generally left them alone.
  11. I have heard leave it alone as well...but wow that breast milk thing is pretty cool. I will try it for things once my LO is here
  12. So DS is about 3 weeks now, and I've noticed that for the past few days he has started develop some kind of acne in his face... It's got tiny red pimples all over, and they seem to get more severe with every day...
    Is that normal? Why is that? Is there a home remedy to get them away? Is it from something I eat? Would it be a good idea to put breastmilk on them? I don't remember this with my first one...
  13. Some Newborns get this skin condition. It took about 2 weeks to clear up. I also use Cephil??Sp to wash him with. I was wondered about this problem too when he was a newborn.
  14. I recently read some articles about acne and ran into sections about acne in babies and newborns. It's supposed to be temporary. I can't remember the website, but if you google "acne babies or newborns" it you'll find it.
  15. Your baby is purging the hormones that got transferred from you. As your son metabolizes the hormones, the acne will fade. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. I know my DD had it for about 2 months before it completely cleared up. You really don't need to do anything for it. Just give it time.