Baby Abuse

  1. Hi:smile: I just got my Baby Spy & I love it!! Do any of you guys ever wear your babies on your shoulder?? I've been getting it up there but i feel so im abusing her already!!
    What do you guys think??

    Here we are just hanging out:upsidedown:
  2. no, i don't wear mine on my shoulder
  3. No, I don't wear mine on my shoulder either. I cannot even get mine on my shoulder.
  4. I wear mine on my shoulder. I wouldnt call it abuse, however, my arms are pretty tiny. The handles dont stretch or bend at all, so it would definitly depend on your size.
  5. I think you should carry your bag how you want to. If you like it on your shoulder and it fits I say go for it.
  6. Thanks everyone :smile: It goes on my shoulder but its honestly a little tight so i feel like maybe im stretching it out a bit ...but i thought i read the handles loosen up or stretch a bit anyway so im not sure exactly if i'm "hurting" it...idk i just dont want to break it lol ..I love this bag so much!!
  7. I'm big boned & thankful if I can fit a baby spy over my wrist! :lol:
  8. ^^^^ lol! that's funny.........:lol:
  9. Me either. I carry it by the handle or the crook or my arm.
  10. Nobody believe BagLady! If BL can't get a spy over her wrist, it's only because she's already carrying one of her other many, many beautiful spies!!!
  11. I have seen it carried on the shoulder and it looks cute! I wouldn't even attempt to try it with my not so petite arms!! but if it works for you then great!
  12. I would never attempt to wear it on the shoulder. I reckon I'd squash it flat! Plus I'm not sure if I could get it up there... :push: Is that a baby tribal by the way?
  13. What a beautiful bag!!

    Wear her in good health & how she feels comfortable for you!!
  14. What a nice bag.
  15. :flowers:Thanks everyone:flowers:

    i am so in love with this bag I can not believe it. i had been on a lv bag spree and honestly since ive brought home baby tribal...i DO NOT even wanT another bag!! i am so satisfied!! there is something so delicious about this just feel so good, smells so good looks so good i can not get over it!! scrumptous:love: