Babwa to Barry -- We've Got Hassel's Back

  1. [​IMG]Posted Sep 18th 2007 11:54AM by TMZ Staff
    "View" den mother Barbara Walters says that as much as she wanted Barry Manilow to come and croon, no one -- not even the "Mandy" singer -- tells her how to run her show!
    Manilow told TMZ yesterday that he decided to ditch his appearance on today's "View," because as a close friend of Rosie O'Donnell, he didn't want to sit on the same stage as right-winger Elisabeth Hasselbeck, whose views he called "dangerous." Babwa, on her Sirius radio chatfest last night, said it was "too bad" about Barry's stand. Added co-executive producer Bill Geddie, "We don't do that ... we support everybody ... he's not going to call the shots."

    Geddie also pointed out that lefty celeb political flamethrowers like Susan Sarandon and Jane Fonda have also appeared with Elisabeth, and it sure looked like everyone was having a pretty good time last November when Manilow appeared on the show.

    I think it's grossly unprofessional to act that way. . . . he can't share a stage w/ someone that, GASP!!!. thinks a different way than him!?

  2. You know, I think it's so frustrating when people behave this way. We have a two party system in this country. It would be really bad for everyone if just Democrats or just Republicans were in charge. We need people with different opinions, period. There is absolutely nothing Elizabeth has said or done that is "dangerous". Some may not agree with her opinion, and that's fine, but please, there is no reason to be disrespectful.
  3. HA! Good thing all the celebs that frequent the show are not as extreme as Barry, the View wouldn't have any guests.
  4. I think it makes a whole party look bad when one acts this way. . . no matter which party you support. It's so childish.
  5. What I find odd is people like that only like to be with others who think exactly like they do. What fun is that?

    Oh yeah: How tolerant Barry. [sarcasm/OFF]
  6. Yeah I agree.
    And besides, it's not like he was there to analyze political situations, he was there to promote a CD. :rolleyes: