Babushka boston bag? Da!


Beware the BIN Paw
Apr 25, 2007
OMFG. I passed by the Gucci flagship on 5th during lunch today and was so mesmerized by the Babushka bag that I went in to try it on. This is one of those bags that doesn't look good until you have it in your hand and are modeling it in front of the mirror.

I didn't walk out with it...but there's a strong possibility I'm going back to get one. The bunnies are just too cute.

Anyone else feeling this bag?


Oct 17, 2007
Atlanta, GA USA
They are interesting, but I am just not wild on this whole fall/winter line they have going. I like the Hysteria bags in the normal colors and not the new tapestries or the ones with all the tassels and studs. They seem like they are just too "in the now" and I want items I see myself wearing for at least five years.
They are cute though!