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  1. i have 2 new babies to welcome into the world in January... my daughter is expecting her first on January 25 and we found out yesterday, it is a GIRL!! and my brother is expecting his firstborn on January 19! i am over the moon, and needless to say, ready to shop shop shop... it always amazes me the new and improved items that come out year after year...
    i am super close to both my brother and my daughter and her hubby, and plan to also gear myself with baby essentials, and have been doing lots of research, and get mixed reviews all over the place...
    am looking for best hand-held video baby monitor input...also high-end strollers and other daughter wants the Juicy Couture Maclaren Stroller and i wonder if it is made well? We have been buying Juicy since its inception, and it is clearly NOT the same company or quality that it used to be...
    i have been searching threads, and will continue to do so- the Diaper Genie thread just helped lots... but if anyone has any comments or suggestions as to must have amazing baby gear, i would much appreciate... i value the opinions of fellow tpf'ers much more than random website reviews... :smile:
  2. Congrats!

    Very Very True. Sadly so.

    (But as my wife mentioned its MacLaren so MacLaren's quality is more in the spotlight here than Juicy's. And she add's that MacLaren made/Makes for Burberry as well.)
  3. Congrats queenofshopping! I find the quality of Maclaren strollers to be very good and they are lightweight. I purchased the Maclaren Triumph for my daughter. As for a full size stroller, I like a few other brands such as Uppababy and Bugaboo. Their strollers are adaptable with infant carseats, which is great if you're going from car to stroller. They are also reversible, so the baby can face you and they tend to have larger baskets to store baby items. I can barely fit anything in the basket of my Maclaren. Good luck!!
  4. thank you for your comments... i personally like the bugaboo- and my daughter who is in her early/mid 20's loves the Juicy... i figure i will get her the one she wants, but i just remember when i had my daughter, it was trial and error, and by the time she was a year old, i had replaced half of the gear i had thought i wanted after using it and realizing that there were things about it that annoyed me... i also want to have as much of my own gear for me so that when i have the baby we do not need a u-haul to bring all of the baby supplies... plus i am just so excited and WANT to get certain things for me to have... i will likely get the Juicy Stroller for her and a Bugaboo for me... and with all the babies in the family i figure when we have visits and get togethers (we are scattered across the state and many up in the pacific northwest- and we travel/ visit lots)- it will make it easier to have extra gear for travelers... (i am giggling at my justification/rationalization for my shopping hee hee)
    i keep finding mixed reviews on the baby monitors... which i def want for my house- it is a large 2 story and baby will have her own nursery here... sadly none of the reviews i have read have been glowing... looks like i have lots more reading to do!
  5. You should look at the Angel care monitors. They're motion sensors that detect when there's no movement in the crib, meaning that if the baby stops breathing an alarm will go off. But they are also a normal sound monitor that let's you hear the baby. We have a pretty big place and it works well for us. We can take the handsets anywhere in the house and they still work well.
  6. Agree! And now they have video as well!
  7. your daughter will need something else besides the maclaren. the maclaren is more of a car stroller. when the baby is a newborn/infant she will need something with more support and as someone else said, carseat compatible is important as well. if she would like to do a lot of walking with the baby, something like a bugaboo, uppababy or mountain buggy would be much more tailored to that, especially since the baby can go from bassinet, to recline to upright as she develops.