Babies Switched At Birth In Hospital Mix-up Lived With Wrong Parents For TEN Months

  1. By ALLAN HALL - 10th October 2007 The Dailymail.

    For ten months, they have nursed, loved and cared for their babies.

    But these two mothers are soon to face the agony of handing over the girls they have raised - when they perform an extraordinary swap.
    They were victims of a hospital mix-up which left each cradling the other's child.

    Reunited: Jaroslava Cermakova with biological daughter Nikola and Jaroslava Trojanova with Veronika

    Now, following the discovery of the error, they have agreed to return the children to their rightful parents.
    Yesterday, the two Czech families spoke of the trauma they have suffered following the mistake, which was only uncovered after the father of one of the girls decided to have a DNA test.
    "It was a total shock," said Libor Broza, 29, who, with partner Jaroslava Trojanova, will surrender their daughter, Nikola.
    "I just cried for two hours solid and Jaroslava was inconsolable; it was just impossible to believe that this could happen.
    "We have raised Nikola for the past ten months. She's a beautiful little girl who's always smiling and it's impossible to imagine her now living apart from us.
    "But at the same time just 20 miles away lives our real daughter."
    Miss Trojanova, 25, gave birth at Trebic Hospital, near Brno on the Czech-Austrian border, within 18 minutes of Jaroslava Cermakova - who tellingly shares her Christian name - last December 9.
    Mrs Cermakova and her builder husband Jan named their daughter Veronika.
    Both mothers became suspicious after Nikola's birth weight appeared to shrink from 7lbs 4ozs to 5lbs 12ozs overnight, while Veronika's rose by 1lb 8ozs.
    But staff reassured them that the girls' birth weights had been recorded wrongly.
    That should have been the end of the matter. But lorry driver Mr Broza soon tired of jibes from friends
    that he and his partner were darkhaired and brown-eyed, while his daughter was blonde with blue eyes.
    He secretly decided to have a DNA test done over the Internet which revealed that he was not Nikola's father.
    When he challenged Miss Trojanova as to the father's real identity, she too decided to have a DNA test, which revealed that the child was not theirs at all. A fortnight later the couple tracked down Mr and Mrs Cermakova to a village in the same county.

    Jaroslava Cermakova with her real daughter Nikola

    The two families met for the first time last week and agreed that they would all gradually spend more time together before swapping Nikola and Veronika permanently before Christmas.

    The couples are convinced that medical staff exchanged their babies a day after they were born, perhaps confused by the mothers' first names.
    Mr Broza said: "We have missed so many milestones in Veronika's life; her first teeth and her first steps. Now we are determined not to miss her first birthday."
    Miss Trojanova, who is still breastfeeding the little girl who is not her real daughter, added: "The whole situation is just awful.

    What can I say? You love your daughter but, at the end of the day, she is not yours."
    The couples now plan to sue Trebic Hospital for £250,000.
    Its director Petr Mayer this week delivered them a written apology.
    The Cermakovas said in a statement: "You can imagine the heartache our families are going through.

    "We have both raised a child we understood to be biologically our own only to be robbed of that knowledge. "We have to come to terms with the enormity of what all this means and need privacy and time to achieve this."
  2. These stories are so crazy to me. I feel like I memorized my babies faces the second they were handed to me. I don't think this could happen to me, but I guess that's what all mothers think. How heart wrenching to spend almost a year bonding with a child and then sending her away to be replaced by another one. Yikes!
  3. Unbelievable.
  4. So just in case the situation did not contain enough emotional tsunamis, one of the little girls will be raised by parents who will at best spend the rest of their lives trying to heal a huge wound in their own relationship.
  5. Just horrible... this was pretty much the same thing in the plot of Private Practice last week. I can not imagine the pain those families will be going through, and at 10 months the little girls too. Ugh. Horrible.
  6. Yup, it's horrible. I don't even want to imagine what it's like loving a child as your own only to be told 10 months later that she's not.

    There was a similar case here in Indonesia. Two mothers giving birth in a hospital at the same time. Mom A gave birth to a baby girl, while mom B gave birth to twin girls. The first time they realized there was a mixed up was purely accidental. Both moms were eating out at some mall, when mom B saw mom A holding a baby girl who looked just like one of her girls! After approaching mom A and some DNA tests later, it was confirmed that their babies were switched at birth. I think this happened after more than 6 months.
  7. This just breaks my other way to explain it.
  8. You just cannot imagine the horror these parents are going through. Ofcourse they want their biological babies back, but oh my goodness, for 10 months (and arguable the hardest and most testing time of a babies life), they have nursed and bonded with these babies and ofcourse felt like they are their own. Its just a tragic story. I know the babies are young enough probably to not remember, but every tiny routine that keeps a baby safe is just about to change and its just awful :sad:
  9. This is ridiculous and I can see how something like that can happens because sometimes these "trained professionals" are so careless.

    I was so mad yesterday...
    I had called the OBGYN to get the results for one of my blood tests and so they were returning my call. The nurse informs me that I didn't even take the blood test. We argued about this back and fourth for, ohhh, I don't know a good two minutes. I told her every exact detail about the test. And she repeated to tell me I was wrong and she was looking at my file and it showed I did not take the test. I asked her, you ARE looking at the right file for Jennifer _______, correct? And finally the light bulb went on and she said "Ohhhhhh, I was looking at someone with your same last name but a different first name". WTF???? What if this was something serious and she got me mixed up with someone else? Besides all the other crap I've dealt with at the office, it really gives me doubts.
  10. That is so traumatizing. It sucks for the parents but it must be even scarier for the children. I wonder if they're going to keep in touch.
  11. How heartbreaking for all involved....I hope they figure it all out...
  12. What a terrible thing to happen. When my daughter was born, she spent most of the time in a bassinette in our hospital room. I can't imagine having to give up the baby that you had raised for 10 months.
  13. Absolutely heartbreaking for all of them
  14. This is awful.. and the worse part is the hospital's unwillingness to look into things when the birth weights are noticed to be wrong.
  15. I saw a report about this on UK TV this morning and the two couples are swapping the babies, and as I understand it they are keeping the name they originally gave to the 'wrong' baby and calling the 'right' baby that too. I guess it probably means the birth certificates don't have to change, just the babies will be swapped back, nothing else will be altered.

    So not only are these poor little babies going to find themselves in a brand new, strange environment, they are going to be called something totally different too. A baby's early learning is so tied up with its own name: language/its identity/ its relationship with things.

    This is really heartbreaking for these children.