Babies First Clothes...

  1. Hi guys...
    I miss everyone and this place. With all the friends and family visiting it's been hectic and I was so tiered yesterday but much better today. Got around to some house work and my brother has been coming over to help.
    So I talked to the Doc and I am at 4 weeks based on the 40 week pregnancy calendar they use but I think I am 2 weeks pregnant .

    Here is the picture of the shoes that I surprised Hubby with and then I bought this shirt today and if the baby is a boy I will get a pink track suit and if it's a boy I will get a blue track suit to bring the baby home in. I got the shirt from Old Navy today...:biggrin:

    I am really excited and happy...
    Thank you for all the love and prayers. I wrote a letter to the baby that is not done yet but once it's done I will post it on here too.

    Lots of love,

    babies first outfit.jpg
  2. So sweet! We are all so excited for you! but Get Some Rest!! :smile:)
  3. I love the little shoes and shirt! You are going to have SO MUCH FUN with this baby! Don't work too hard and don't forget to take your vitamins!
  4. I have been...Yucky!!! :sick:
  5. Those are SO sweet! I'm still just beaming for you!

    They always count back 2 weeks, so if you're 2 weeks pregnant per the calendar, they count it as 4.
    One month down - 8 to go!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~~~~los of belly rubs! rest, rest, rest!
  6. Ooooh, you'll have to change your avatar to an U/S pic soon!
  7. I'm NOT having a third and since my clock has been super active I can live vicariously through you!
    Love the shoes!
  8. Oh so cute happypug! I'm so happy for you and DH. I know you're going to enjoy getting gifts for your new baby! Have fun!
  9. First ... congrats on being a new mom! Second ... very cute baby shirt and shoes! My DH and I did the same thing to announce that we were expecting, we showed my mom and MIL a baby sleeper to which they looked at us with blank faces.
  10. Adorable! :smile:
  11. Congrats!! I'm so excited for you. We will be having babies at the same time!!!!!!!!!! But, this is my fourth!
  12. Aww! Congrats!! Cute shoes and shirt.
  13. The outfit is supercute!!!!!!!!

    I am so happy for you and congrat for the pleasant surprise! Although I am not a mother, but many of my close friends just recently became one and the joy are just over the top! I wish the best for you.
  14. those are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    ooooooooooooooooooo darn cute!

    I love baby clothes.
  15. SO, what kind of diaper bag are you eyeing?
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