Babies' eyes color

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  1. I'm curious... how did your baby's eyes changed over time?
    My little girl was born with newborns' classic deep blue eyes, she's now 5 months old and these are her eyes now (pic taken in natural light).
    My eyes are brown, my DHs are hazelnut. In my family my sister has green eyes, my paternal grandfather had blue eyes and so my aunt and her children. In my DH's side, his brother had blue eyes and so his baby. My DH's paternal grandfather had blue eyes as well.

    I'm really curious on how my DD's eyes will turn! :biggrin:

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  2. It could very well be that your DD will have blue eyes. You likely carry a recessive gene as does your husband. :smile:
  3. Blue is a recessive gene whereas brown is a dominant gene. 2 blue eyed parents will always have a blue eyed child as there is no dominant gene to turn the child's eyes brown.

    You could work out probability based on your and partner's eye colour, siblings and parents from you and partner. There are definitely recessive gene traits in your family so it may well be, as Sternchen has suggested, that your daughter's eyes will remain blue.

    PS: She has gorgeous eyelashes too (both me and DS have partially white eyelashes so they look really short - OK for me, mascara solves the problem!)
  4. I was pretty sure she was going to have dark hair/eyes. But eyebrows/eyes and hair much lighter now than they were during her first couple of months. Never had I imagined she would have blue eyes. What strange things happen with newborns! :biggrin: I guess as long she has healty eyes the color does not matter, but I'll enjoy her little blue eyes as long as they remain! :P

    Her dad is taking credit for that. I have short eyelashes as well, not pretty but my DH has long ones.
  5. I have blue eyes ( my mom and brother also has blue eyes, my dad brown ) DH has brown eyes.DH was adopted so we have no idea what color eyes his family members have. My son was born with classic blue eyes as well but they seem to have gotten darker over time ( he will be 5 months next week ) In certain light they still look blue, other times they are hazel. I am pretty sure they will either stay hazel or go brown. In terms of hair, he was born with really dark brown, almost black hair. I have light brown hair with golden red highlights and DH has black hair. My son lost some hair as many babies do and the new hair is coming in reddish. I am curious as to what his hair ends up being.

    Oh also my DH has eyelashes for miles and I have little stubby lashes, my son got daddy's lashes
  6. Her eyes look blue to me! Also look at her gorgeous lashes!!

    DH and I both have blue eyes, so baby should have blue eyes. My Dad has brown eyes and my mom has green/brown eyes. Somehow my sister and I both ended up with blue eyes. My Dad is Italian so I'm not sure where he would have had blue on his side. My Mom is German/French and her grandfather had blue eyes, so I know where we got them from her.
  7. Wow, those eyelashes!!

    I think she will have blue eyes to stay :smile:

    Did anyone use this calculator? The site is down ATM, but I did it when I first found out I was pregnant and it's very interesting, you put in both your sets of parents, and any siblings, and then you and DH and it calculates the percentages.
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    All 3 of mine had blue eyes of course. One's stayed, the other turned hazel green like mine and the other turned deep brown.
    I'm mostly Native American and hubby is more than half Italian.
  9. I used this site and it says 88% brown :P
  10. My DD is losing some hair as well. Poor thing! :lol: They were dark brown when she was born and now they are a lighter brown (like her eyebrows in the pics) - for now she has almost the same hair color as her dad (dark sand).
    I love children with red hair!!
  11. We're Italian as well! :hugs:

    Here's another pic - taken indoors.

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  12. My eyes are blue/grey and DH is light blue, so my sons will stay blue. Right now his eye color is somewhere in the middle of DH and I.

  13. Gorgeous!!!

    I got my money on blue ;)
  14. I have blue eyes and my husband has very dark brown eyes. Our son had the deep blue newborn eyes, but they seem to be settling into a hazelnut/golden brown colour now, similar to my sister's eyes.

    They probably will stay blue, but out of interest and contrary to what I was taught as school, two blue-eyed parents can have a brown-eyed child
  15. What a pretty baby.