Babes Get Their Tatts Out !

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  1. [​IMG]

    YOU can never have tat-too much body art, according to this lot!

    They were all flashing the flesh yesterday as thousands of ink-fans descended on Britain for their annual convention. Busty babes from around the world wandered around in skimpy gear while lads peeled off to reveal bizarre designs covering their bodies. [​IMG]

  2. [​IMG][​IMG]

  3. I love the second girl's sleeves :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Oh, to have sleeves and a chest piece... :sweatdrop:

    Thanks for posting the pictures, Prada! ;)
  4. WOW! :nuts:

    I have two tiny paw prints on my lower back and that's about it for me!

    I can't believe those guys with the ink art on their faces!!
  5. Yikes! I've got nothing agains people who like Tat's, but I always wonder what they'll thinka bout them when they're 75...
  6. This red headed girl is really pretty -minus the funky drawn on eyebrows:s

    I have some tattoos but NOTHING like this!:P
  7. I've seen a woman on TV once that had tatoo all over her body. Every single inch except for her face. I always wondered if she'd regret it later on in life. That's a lot of tattoos.
  8. I'm wondering how long it took them to sit for that! (And I'm also wondering how much it hurt!)

    I personally don't get face tattoos, but you know what? It's their body, not mine, and no judgement here.

    I have two on my back. (And my dad even felt better about me getting them because 'we've established the fact that they won't be on your forehead.')

    The coloring and shading on them are just amazing!

  9. I'm LOVING that angel chest piece (on the guy with the kilt). Oh! And those flowers . . . .

    I love lushly colored tattoos. (That's why I had them color my second one. . . . Both are on my back and it's one on each hip. On my right, I have the Greek letter omega. On my left, I have a yellow grail.)
  10. :wtf: WOW. thats all i can say.
  11. I love this site! It shows either bad tattoo ideas, or good ideas that are badly executed.

    Here are a few *ahem* highlights from this site:









    People, THIS is why you have to see your tattoo artist's work beforehand!

    Um, people have to LIVE with these! And they paid money for them! (Except the Playboy Bunny, which I'm REALLY hoping was done in prison!)
  12. omg..i didn't even know that was a playboy bunny!
    i kept tilting my head to see what it was and i just couldn't! HAHA
    great site!
  13. whats the firstone say
  14. A couple of those look like jailhouse tattoos which are always very bad. The rest...there's no excuse!
  15. Those are awful! I'd cry if I ended up with one of those stuck on me for the rest of my life. And to think they paid for them aswell. If I ever get a tattoo (which is something I'd like to do in the future) I'm sooo going to be careful about where I go, thanks for the brilliant warning!


    I just spotted this one on their site and I couldn't stop myself laughing!


    Talk about weird check this one below out! haha

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