Babel suede boots.

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  1. I´ve seen a pair of Babel suede boots on sale yesterday , and they ALMOST fit, but I can´t pull the zipper all way up...


    There are elastic insets in the boots right there , so I think they could be streched out, because it´s only about the last 3 cms...

    And they cost about $ 500...

    A bargain...

    What do you think?

    Anyone had the same problem?

    They had only 1 pair left, so maybe they are sold by now.
  2. Cobbler could stretch them for you. Or get the stretch spray. Plus sometimes the Cobbler can add another stretch out to the boots.
  3. Thanx.

  4. Cobbler can stretch, plus suede is very forgiving. The first time I tried my Bourges ( ebay buy), I couldn't even zip them halfway. Now they're perfect and one of my most comfy pairs of shoes.
  5. Great.