BABEL, overrated or that good?

  1. i just saw this movie few days ago, and honestly i think this movie is overrated...
    it reminds me of crash, magnolia, and just wayyyy overrated...
  2. I haven't seen it but my SIL has. She said the exact same thing! I was going to see it but I trust her review so I am saving it for a rental.
  3. go for rental :p
  4. I just saw this last weekend and I thought it was too hyped. There were some VERY good acting in it, the Japanese girl, the two Moraccan boys and the Mexican nanny (sorry I don't recall the names of the actors), were a pleasure to watch but it wasn't as great as I thought it would be. Brad Pitt was ok but not worthy of the fuss they made out about him not being nominated for an Oscar.
  5. I saw it a few weeks ago and thought it was OK. I really liked the main Japanese actress! She was great.
  6. The reviews I read were while I do want to see it, I'll wait for the DVD
  7. i liked it but i still think that Crash was better
  8. My sisters saw it at the movies theatre and everytime I ask them about the movie they keep on avoiding my question... :confused1:

    What happened??? :search:
  9. blueberry, i don't know why :p
    but i admit i'm felig disappointed because i expect to see a GREAT movie and it turns out to be just a ok...
    and sometimes when i'm disappointed i won't like to talk much about it, i don't know the case with ur sisters though :smile:
  10. i thought it was a good movie. it did have a crash feel to it, but definately not as amazing as crash was. i did think that the japanese actress was so talented and i would love to see a movie just about her because her story was so touching and out there.
  11. I really didn't like this movie at all and do not reccomend it. Crash was so much better.
  12. ^haven't seen crash, must catch it because i thought babel was pretty good.

    it had a lot of thinking pts if you kwim.

    overall it just makes you see things from another point of view

    my friend summed it up to as sex, violence...and something else. i forget
  13. I thought it was that good! I was really moved. Great acting, and I loved how how the stories merged together.

    My husband hated it and said it was the worst movie he's ever seen.
  14. I just watched the DVD and can't figure out what Cate Blanchet's character and Brad Pitt's character were discussing/arguing about at the beginning..
  15. Their other child who died.

    The movie is very ambitious, but the stories do not fit together in a meaningful way to really say something significant.

    It had a lot of potential but ended up saying not much about society. It missed its mark because the filmmakers were unsuccessful in communicating their message. I saw the movie with 3 other people and they all fell asleep.