B30 in etoupe, colvert or rouge h? Decision, decision...

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm trying to decide the color of my next birkin. Since I own a B25 in black already, i decide to have B30 next for casual use. Currently I have 3 choices:

    1. Colvert GHW: Both my SO and I love this blue green mallard color so much, it is like our mutual color and we decorate our room with it so this color has really special meaning to me. In addition, I think it goes well with GHW.

    2. Etoupe GHW: I feel this color is very beautiful and classy in Birkin. I intend to use B30 as casual daily bag and this color really goes well with most clothes and occasions. I also attract to its contrast stitching. But a friend of mine thinks etoupe is better with PHW.

    3. Rouge H PHW: I actually found this bag from a reseller in Instagram, not from a boutique. Honestly I'm not really fond with this combination, IMO Rouge H goes better with GHW and I also prefer GHW. But the reseller is selling it for under retail price and I can save 2k. It is in like new condition so I feel like a bargain.

    My clothes are mostly in black, white and light blue. I wear dresses most of the time and never wear jeans since I have huge legs and dresses make my thighs comfortable lol :biggrin:

    So out of those 3, in your opinions, which one do you like best? Thank you so much and I would appreciated all inputs. :heart::angel:
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  2. Etoupe for the win
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    I agree with your friend, I think etoupe looks better with PHW, if it would have been that combo I would have picked the etoupe for myself, just out of "safety reasons", I usually play it safe when it comes to colours! But if I were you, and you feel comfortable to wear "petrol blue(?)" as your daily bag color to most of your outfits, I'd pick the colvert for sure, you obviously love the color, and the cute "story" itself will make you smile every time you carry bag. Plus the colvert is absolutely stunning with gold hardware!
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  4. I would pick the colvert based on your wardrobe. I feel like it’s a better match. Colvert is absolutely gorgeous and it doesn’t come as often as the etoupe.
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  5. Rule out No. 3 because you are not fond of this combination.

    No. 2 is the universally safe option - you are unlikely to regret it.
    Although you may values your friend's opinion, it is your opinion that counts.
    However, if you agree with her, don't compromise.

    No. 1 is the adventurous option; it could be the one that you might regret leaving.
    It is a great colour. It might be a little strong and tonally in the wrong part of the spectrum against light blue - but as long as it goes with enough items in your wardrobe to be useful, does that matter?
    As so many would ask - is it the one that makes your heart sing?
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    Who’s wearing the bag: you or your friend? If it’s you, then buy it with the hardware you prefer. I find Etoupe equally beautiful with either hardware.
    I have an Etoupe B GHW and think it’s an Hermès classic that goes with everything, it’s seasonless and timeless.
    They make all the blues you dream of and another shade might come along you may like even better; don’t rush into the blue pond before you study the ones available. Also something that looks beautiful in your room and has sentimental value doesn’t mean it’s the best one for a bag or will go best with your wardrobe. Buy a clutch in that color and wear it on special occasions with your SO, but a Birkin it’s not the bag to do that with. If the color doesn’t work in real like, you won’t wear it.
    I wouldn’t pick a bag this expensive with things I don’t like just because it’s under retail. If you ask anyone here, most will tell you if you buy this bag, you’ll keep wishing you had one with gold hardware (you’ll never think ‘oh, she was such a steal!’).

    Be realistic: look at your closet for inspiration. Which bags have you worn the most in the past? Neutral bags (beige/taupe)? Blue bags? How many of each do you own? All of the above should give you a real life hint on what to go for.
  7. I've seen quite a few of Etoupe Birkin and Kelly recently, the color seems really popular and I think it's a beautiful color that goes with almost everything and is a safe choice for everyday use. I've seen Etoupe with GHW and I think the combi is very beautiful.

    Colvert is a gorgeous blue, more special than Etoupe and I don't find it too flashy for everyday use. If you're comfortable with this color and think that it can match the majority of your wardrobe then go for it!
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  8. Colvert!
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  9. Thank you so much for your help, ladies. While etoupe is definitely safe choice, bleu colvert always makes me scream excitedly a little bit inside when I see it :flowers:. I actually have a CDC in colvert (used to be called mallard I think). When my SO and I first start dating, he saw my CDC and complimented it so much, saying that’s his favorite color and he even used it for his restaurant color scheme. Well, I was 27 at that time but he was my first love and suddenly I started buying lots of stuffs in that color haha :biggrin:.

    But I still love etoupe so much with its beautifull stitching lol. Maybe I’ll stalk more pictures of how people match their oufits. I will make decisions in a couple days and post pictures of the bag I choose :heart:
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    An easy way to find out which one you REALLY want (regardless of anything else) is to buy the wrong one!
    Seriously. You’ll keep wanting the right one no matter how many bags you buy (I wanted a black one since the 1st one I got; not that the others were a mistake, but when you want something, buying something else won’t make it go away).

    You took the Colvert home, you unpack her and try her on. How do you feel? Over the moon? Unsure? Meh?

    Hey, sometimes we want both. If that’s an option and it’s doable, get the harder to get first (Colvert) then the Etoupe, which it’s part of the permanent collection.
  11. I like bleu colvert but in phw tho. But that’s just me
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  12. Thank you for your thoughtful advice. I did not know colvert can be discontinued. If so I’ll get the colvert now in B30 and choose another bag in Etoupe later, maybe Kelly or Constance. I tried Kelly 32 and it does not suit me but perhaps smaller sizes are better :amuse:
  13. Definitely the Colvert with GHW, it's such a stunning combination! Especially since this color makes your heart skip a beat -- you'll smile every time you look at it!
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  14. You’re very welcome.
    I don’t know if can be discontinued or how often it’s produced, but I assume not as often as Etoupe (which I was told they always have it).
  15. I vote colvert! It is what makes you’re heart sing and you already have a neutral black bag. Time to have one with a little color!
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