B30 Blue Nuit GHW

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  1. My SA just offered me a B30 in blue nuit with GHW. She told me that blue nuit is a very dark blue, lighter than blue indigo but darker than blue sapphire. Would you prefer this over a black B30 with GHW? I have a toolbox 20 in black but do not have any black colored hermes bags. I got several bags in black in other brands though.

    The black B30 is classic but I was thinking that blue nuit might be less dull and add more fun with its blue shade.

    I need you gals' opinion urgently as I need to decide by tomorrow. Million thanks. :smile:
  2. Yes, take it! 👍
  3. IMHO, if you are looking for something that will add some color to your collection, especially if you have a lot of black bags, then you should go for something lighter. I did find bleu sapphir to be too dark for me. Good luck and hope that helps.
  4. Love blue nuit !
  5. I would grab this in a heartbeat! Hermes does blues so well. And with GHW - this is a great combination. Go for it!
  6. If I take this Blue Nuit, I may not need the B30 in black. My only concern is that the color blue nuit may be difficult to match with different outfits, while the black B30 is more versatile.

    My SA just advised me that I can have a B30 in etoupe PHW if I wish. I am kind of confused now as etoupe might be easier to carry but with the PHW and clemence leather, it is not the combination that I prefer. The blue nuit in togo. I like the structured shape of togo leather.

    Which one will you pick then?

  7. I would choose the etoupe as it goes with everything and the color will not be too 'heavy' for summer. I have etoupe b30 in Togo and it's my most used birkin. But I'm not a fan of dark blue or navy so I might be biased.
  8. I think while the bleu nuit with GHW looks very elegant and classy, it would look less youthful than one with PHW. However, a black b no matter the hardware would look gorgeous and is so versatile. I have a black b30 PHW and black b25 GHW. Let me know if you want to see photos? If you're a fan of black handbags I'd say wait for the black!
  9. I would also wait for the black. I'm a black bags (and clothes) loved and wouldn't be able to match the blue nuit with my black outfits. I do love the colour... Just can't match it. Personally not a fan of Etoupe on me, however on others it's a stunning and very easy to match colour. I also love clemence and it will not slouch so much in B30.
  10. go for it!!!
  11. I would take it. As you said, it adds some variability to your collection.
  12. so many brands do black, hermes does colors so well, i would be getting bleu nuit over noir, esp if you have already several black bags. def togo over clemence
  13. Dear gals, I have made up my mind that I would give a pass to the blue nuit B30 and wait for the black one. Thanks for your advice and hope that I will be able to post the reveal photos soon.
  14. I would take this over black in a heartbeat

  15. Me too, love bleu nuit and does the job with blacks..