B25 Ostrich in Gold

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  1. Wanna to tap your views whether I should take this offer. Currently, my H collection consists:

    Lindy 30 Swift Ebene
    Bolide 31Togo Raisin
    Jypsiere 34 Taurillion Clemence Gold
    Ghillies Birkin 35 Evercalf Noir/Denim
    Picotin Lock 26 Taurillon Clemence Gris T
    Market 30 Fjord Vert Anglais
    Sac Roulis Taurillon Clemence Bois de Rose

    And as I have to strictly practise 1 in 1 out to contain my collection, would you please advise me which one to go. Thanks.
  2. Congratulations! Love your collection.My max limit is 10 at a time so I totally understand your 1 in 1 out rule.

    Absolutely love gold. Is there a bag that you haven't reached for in a long time?
  3. i'd get rid of the gold jypsiere since the new bag is gold.
  4. Welcome birdie yes yes
    Gd bye jypsiere
  5. Thanks for all your advice, for the birdie I am not so sure if it is a good combination in gold color in the size of B25 as I intended to use it for more formal outlook. Please kindly give me your views.
  6. me to gold for gold and 25cm ostrich is perfect !!!!
  7. Ostrich b25, OMG! Yes please! I agree with everyone, gold in exchange for a gold.
  8. either Jyp or Pico would go :smile:
  9. goodness, grab the gold birdie, it's my HG bag!

    which to let go? if you do not want to repeat colours then the gold jyp. if you love your jyp or use it a lot, then the picotin because I am not a fan of open bucket bags these days so it's just me.

    what a lovely dilemma, good luck and please post a pic of the 25b, I'd be so happy to see one in action.
  10. i know what you mean.

    actually my HG is a black bird 30b or k and i passed on a 30b phw years ago. never seen another one since. major regret. MAJOR regret. did i say MAJOR regret? :shucks:

    i don't baby my bags but i do like the idea of a clean handle or handles for all my bags since i am a bit of a germaphobe. i wash my twillies regularly but it's really hard to disinfect the handles.
  11. There is another option to protect the handles if you don't like twilly. Some may not like the look but it is an option worth look into it...;)


    Back to topic...

    OP, I am not helping much because I hardly let go of my bags unless I fall out of love...I think you have great collection of different styles, you should just keep them all. :lol:
  12. Seems like most of your bags are larger. R u Sure B25 works for your lifestyle. V small and handle drop is tiny so mostly hand carry tote...

    Although I love the idea of a gold birdie, I'd want B30. And I wouldn't use gold B25 as formal/evening bag. Plus the color is casual with contrast stitching. B25 is a tote so K25 more appropriate for what you want IMHO. Soooo, from what you've said here, I'd pass...
  13. +1 take the birdie!:smile:
  14. omg loves, black birdies comes only as SO, right? i would have a MAJOR regret fit! :lol:
  15. tonkamama, thats right to the point and fun looking protection! i would look into that
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