B25 etain Togo GHW or RGHW

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  1. Hi all,

    I have an opportunity to get a B25 togo etain in either GHW or RGHW. Which you choose please? Can’t decide!!!!
  2. RGHW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. RGHW! Who knows when they'll stop producing it.
  4. I vote rose gold... it's different and you can't even get rghw B by placing a SO.
  5. Another rose gold vote!
  6. I got B25 Gris Etain RGHW . Beautiful. Take RGHW please.
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  7. Another vote for Rose Gold... It's very distinctive
  8. Rose gold if it works for you
    I love mine haha
  9. Personally I like Etain with PHW, but between GHW and RGHW, I'll go with rose gold.
  10. +1 rghw
  11. Another vote for rose gold
  12. RGHW!
  13. rghw
  14. Another vote for rghw!
  15. Rghw as well!
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