B25 Etain GHW Togo offer - go or not go!

  1. Should I accept or reject?
    Is Etain in b25 good choice??
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  2. Do you like the size and color?
  3. I like the size just wonder if Etain is a good color....
  4. It's a fantastic neutral color, especially if you like gray. Goes with everything! It's like black practically. But if you want some color in a B25 then think it through a little more or go see it.
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  5. Is etain one of your choice
    Or what colour are you hoping for
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  6. It’s hard for us to give you input if we don’t know what you already have in your collection, what you were hoping for, what colours you gravitate towards etc. Colour is so subjective.
  7. It’s only a good color if it works for you
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  8. Very hard to tell you what to accept/reject.
    If you just want to get a popular color, get it. If you wanted neutral B25... get it.
    I do not personally like Etain.... or B25. It's not for everyone.
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  9. Grab that bag!!
    Etain is a great neutral.
    It’s a very sophisticated color....especially gorgeous with GHW.
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  10. Etain is a beautiful neutral gray color, so if it's the shade you are looking for then yes, we can't speak for your references only you know what color you are after. Good luck with your decision, but personally it's one of my wishlist bags
  11. I'd get Etain/Black in a larger size and a pop colour in 25. But it boils down to your preference. Buy what you like, not what someone else thinks is desirable.
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  12. likes others said, without knowing ur original preference, hard to give u advice
    personally for smaller bags i would go for pop colours,
    despite etain and ghw being a great combo
  13. Yes- if i’m sure i want this size (pros n cons weighed) & i didn’t have a grey bag ... because unless vip , SO, or going reseller route, not everyone gets to choose ( or have the patience to waittttt) for exact color and size combos at H... other considerations add if it will be the only H bag, of course
  14. Love b25 and etain!!!!
  15. Etain w GHW looks amazing, Etain is a great neutral color (dare I say, better than Etoupe IMO). The tin grey with gold hardware is a dream... - I say yes!!