B2 Tokidoki Sale !! (as of Nov 30, 2007)

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  1. If there's anyone looking for discounted Vacanze, it's on sale now at B2 (at least at the Yorkdale location!).

    They were sold out of the Vacanze Zucca (but had it in transporto, which is also discounted).. and that's about all I remember, and it was 200$ (still a little more than US retail). They also had the smaller tote (BV? I'm not sure of the name) for 160$ !

    So if you can't make it over to the states or don't want to buy online.. now's your chance ! :graucho:
  2. the store i go to here in canada had zucca's on sale for $128 but the sale ended today and denaro's for $47.
  3. NOOOOO! I wish I had known! My mom really likes my Vacanze BV and I was thinking of getting her something little in that print.
  4. the sale was for "customer appreciation day" a 3 day sale and wasn't for regular customers. the prints they had were: tutti, trasporto, spiaggia, and 1 l'amore item. it wasn't that great and if i had more money i would have bought more stuff.
  5. Which store is that ?!
  6. I went there yesterday and I noticed the Amore BV was gone!
  7. Sequin in Vancouver.
  8. ^^ Aww.. man, Toronto sucks !
  9. no it was at the satchel shop!
  10. ^Oh nice! Whoops silly me.