B.Zero1 for ring finger or middle finger?

May 2, 2010
I've decided that the B.Zero1 that I'm interested in (4 band yg) will be for my right hand. (although the ceramic looks really interesting, too!) What are the opinions out there on where to wear it? I normally wear a ring on the right hand ring finger, but maybe this would look cool on the middle finger? What do you guys think?
Nov 9, 2010
In Handbag Heaven
I tried this on & it was between that ring, Chopard or Cartier love ring, I chose the Chopard,but I really loved the bulgari & might still get that next year & alternate between the two, I think it looks nice on either the ring finger or middle it's really what you prefer, have you looked at in rg it's gorgeous.


memento mori
Oct 19, 2008
I had the three band, and wore it on my middle finger. I agree with the above poster, I think it looks best on the middle finger since it is rather chunky.