b/w striped Damask Day/Hobo

  1. Irissy u should SO get this bag!!! its chanting your name girl!!!
  2. It certainly is beautiful, but a bit too bold for me.
  3. SOMEONE wanted this... who the heck was it?
  4. It was me! :roflmfao:
  5. Stop tempting me, gatekeeper! :noggin::lol:
  6. There were 2 different listings, Irissy. One was up for 1000+ and this one was always been this low (I was watching them too LOL). You should def. get it! I would if I wasnt moving and saving up *sigh* Such a great bag! :tender:
  7. I was never a BBag lover but this would make me cheat on LV.
  8. Ya, the other bag over $1000 was Lana's (also a PFer), but I have this bag on my watch list and seller had it as $950ish I think and then he/she dropped the price the last 2 days or so. I would pounce on it but I really want a rouge vif right now. :sad:
  9. Ya ya... you should!! :graucho::roflmfao: