B/W reporter and White w python Belt Bag

  1. Just want to share my happiness :tender:
    chanel_reporter_black2b.jpg chanel_reporter_black9b.jpg chanel_reporter_black7b.jpg chanel_belt_white_pipe1b.jpg chanel_belt_white_pipe3b.jpg chanel_belt_white_pipe7b.jpg chanel_belt_white_pipe5b.jpg chanel_reporter_black1b.jpg

  2. great haul! I love the reporter ;)
  3. OMG!!! :wtf:
    You have my two FAVORITE color combos!! :heart: :heart:

    Please please take pics of you modeling these bags. They are gorgeous!
  4. Both bags are GORGEOUS. That belt bag looks so amazing on, congrats on both!
  5. Awesome!! Did you get these on sale?
  6. Thx alot!! Yes I got them both from NM on sale :graucho:
  7. How much was the white one?? :shame:
    Too pretty

    can you post pics? :tender:
  8. Love them, Congrats!!!!
  9. ^ Congrats! You are sooo lucky! I was looking for Blk/W reporter but coudn't find one...
    Now I wish that I kept my beige/beige reporter. :crybaby:
  10. I got the white waist bag for 752 shipped, and the black reporter for 1805 shipped..... when I got the black reporter my SA told me it was probably the last one in the whole company :girlsigh:
  11. This is off the subject but I'm asking you b-cuz you just bought two bags at once.

    is it off the wall to have two Cambon Reporters? I like the one that you have AND the white w/ python version
  12. Omg, I love it! Congrats!
  13. I bought these 2 bags separatly, the white belt bag 2 weeks ago and the black reporter last week. My SA told me there is no more B/W left but there are quite a few W/B reporter left in the company inventory, if anyone interested I think they already started the pre-sale for last call right NOW. My SA in NM SF is Egen, she is very nice!!! :yes:
  14. I love the beltbag! congrats on your new purchases
  15. OMG, the white one is 2die4!!!